View Full Version : 1996 Seville STS No Sound Problem!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

07-07-09, 09:55 PM
Hello I currently own a 1996 Seville STS. I have the BOSE sound system installed along with the 12 disc changer in the trunk. My problem is the sound. Sometimes the sound system works fine then sometimes there is absolutly no sound. When there is no sound the radio's display is still working you just don't hear anything. I am able to switch to the am/fm radio and I can load a cd but there is no sound coming from the speakers. I have no idea what could be the problem and really need as much help from everyone as possible. I appreciate your time. Thank you

07-08-09, 06:38 AM
Do you hear the chime at that point?
If not then you have an AMP relay or a RIM power supply issue.

Here are possible things to check:
1) AMP relays, amplifiers and RIM GND witch is located under the rear seat. Remove the rear seat and check the two ground connections underneath (you will see 2 wires bolted to the car body) the one on the left side is the RIM and speaker amplifiers GND and the one in the right is the AMP relay GND. Make sure both are clean and you see no sign of corrosion. But should you have such issues, the sound system will be only one of the things not working on your car (among the others would be the fuel pump). So this is unlikely but easy to check.
2) Check your AMP fuse for signs of corrosion on the fuse pins and fuse socket. The AMP fuse is located on the left side of the electronics bay (fuse cluster in the trunk) is on the second line a green fuse labeled AMP.
3) The BOSE relays, check for signs of corrosion on the pins and on the relay sockets. The BOSE relays are located on the electronics bay relay cluster. In the trunk on the left side you will see 4 relay groups (they are called relay center 1 to 4). Relay Center #1 is the left most while relay Center #4 is the right most. The BOSE relays are the two TOP relays on the relay center #3.
3) Check your data connection wires to the RIM, connector C1 pins B2 and B3 (the purple wires). The RIM is the biggest module from the electronics bay located dead center. Connector C1 is the one with the most wires. Also make sure the orange wire from connector C2 (the other RIM connector the one with less wires attached) is securely attached and the orange wire from pin D2 does not wiggle.
How about if you switch to CD changer, do you hear the CD changer when is acting up?
If you do have sound from CD changer and/or you do hear the chimes then check connector in the back of the HU and the connectors to the RIM to be secure in place.

My bet is 99% your problem are the BOSE relays, either no power (see 1 and 2) or no control (see 2 and 3).

If you would be in Toronto area I would love to fix your problem for free (obviously).

Any codes by the way?