View Full Version : Need some special data please...

07-07-09, 01:29 PM
Now that I have to replace the steering gear of my old iron Lady, I'm desperately looking for the data for the front end alignment and the torque for all the screws concerned with the steering gear change...

It's a '73 CoupeveVille, of course with the 472 engine :)

Here in Germany it's really hard to find assistance for my questions. Mechanics here meanwhile are only specialized on changing parts or whole cars...:rant2:

Where are all the old mechanics gone?:crybaby:

07-10-09, 07:57 AM
Too bad that noone here could help me out with this...
But meanwhile I found an answer in another forum. So if anybody else needs to know about these values, he can find them at this place:


You will find lots of interesting informations there...