: sloooow power windows

07-07-09, 09:04 AM
Hi All,
The power windows on my 1992 Brougham are kind of slow, the driver moresoe than the rest....sometimes better, sometimes worse. Is this typical? Would it be the motors, or are they not getting enough juice?

07-07-09, 09:39 AM
Weird, this is quite the case in my 1995 Fleetwood. It's not terribly slow, just enough to notice it - especially when you're putting other windows up.

07-07-09, 10:03 AM
Usually it is just a case of lack of lubrication on the tracks. The fix is to remove the door panel, clean the tracks/sliders (or rollers if they have been replaced) with brake cleaner, then lube the tracks with spray grease.

07-07-09, 10:55 AM
I have noticed that A LOT of 80's-early 90's GM cars have amazingly slow windows. The ones in my old '88 Fleetwood were the same way and I even removed the door panel and lubricated the tracks when I had to fix one of them. Its just something I have come to expect from this era of cars. The ones in my Mark VII are lightning fast compared to the Brougham, but as I said GM windows have always been slower.

07-07-09, 05:05 PM
Like was said above, clean the tracks and grease them lightly with spray grease. (white lithium spray grease). The motors from the factory are probably not all that robust. When the slightest resistance comes along (dirty sticky tracks), you really see how weak the motors are, they cant overcome the resistance in the tracks. My bet says dirty sticky tracks as well.

07-08-09, 09:29 AM
Thanks for the tip!

07-08-09, 11:55 PM
Its normal for them to be slow but it won't hurt anything to try regreasing them. Especially if one is slower then the rest.

07-09-09, 01:03 AM
The ones in my 1991 Brougham are slow as well, but at least they are all equally slow. I'd say its normal.

Also, my first car was a 1991 Regal, and it had an annoyingly slow drivers side window, had that problem for years. It never did quit working, even after 14 years and at least 225k miles.

Old Fleetwood
07-10-09, 03:58 PM
Much of the "slowness" of the power windows is due to the LAWYERS and fear of product liability suits when somebody's little snowflake gets his/her neck in the window while standing on the UP button.
If anybody remembers the introduction of the big Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman limo in the mid 1960s, those windows went up like a reverse guillotine !
But American manufacturers were completely cowed by the shysters long before, so window lifts were deliberately designed so as not to hurt stupid kids - or adults, for that matter.

07-10-09, 10:15 PM
my cars windows are slow too and I drive a 1980 Cadillac Coupe. I replaced the passenger side and from my main switch it's sort of slow but when i use the passenger side switch it goes up fairly fast. I've re-lubed my tracks but they are still slow. Now on my mom's 78 and 79 Cadillac Coupe, man I wish I had those motors, I kid you not, they go up in 2 to 3 seconds but realized they differ from my car; mine uses a cable driven thing and her's does not, sort of like a "x" type machanism. Guess it a common issue with the 80s model.

07-11-09, 11:02 AM
My Dad has worked at several GM and Mazda car dealerships. He is a GM and Mazda Master certified Service Manager. He has come across this many times. The easiest thing to do is roll the window down and take a Q-tip and dip it in some Petroleum Jelly and run it inside the window tracks.
Run the window up and down to coat the glass. It is lack of lubrication but to the wrong component. The window track get hard from all the sun exposure. Be careful not to get the jelly on the exposed portion of glass it is very hard to get completely off.