: Vanity plate . . .

07-06-09, 02:47 PM
Its time to renew my tags, and I'm going to get a personalized plate. Tennessee allows you seven characters, or you can get six with a space in the middle(ABC DEF).

Here's a picture of the car in case you aren't familiar with it:

Here's what I've come up with:

3. HENRY B(Lord Baron Henry Brougham, an english lord who invented the Brougham style carriage)
4. BROAM(sick of people calling it a Fleetwood, a Wood, or Bro-ham)

Any other suggesstions? I'm really leaning towards #2 or #4

07-06-09, 03:04 PM
I like #3. It's a pretty good piece of trivia and hardly anyone would know the significance behind it.

07-06-09, 07:21 PM
Here in Ontario you can search the MTO site and input various plates. If they're not already taken you can even see what it will look like when made up.

When I chose CADILIKE for my Brougham I was amazed at the cool plates that weren't already taken. Your imagination is the only limit.....plus certain criteria for acceptability by the authorities.

I tossed up between CADILIKE and LUXURI 8, but chose CADILKE because I felt the other option might create some jealous feelings and possibly get the car keyed by some obnoxious low-life. CADILIKE has been a really good choice and creates lots of positive feed-back and amusement to people almost every day I use the car......which is most days.


07-06-09, 07:46 PM
Martin, I still can't find where to search plates on the MTO. If you have a link, please send it to me...

07-06-09, 08:22 PM
Tennessee allows a minimum of 3 characters, so I would at least check on the availability of 1991 as a number (sorta' make your car look like it drove out of a Cadillac ad).


Otherwise, I would go with BROAM.

07-06-09, 09:17 PM
I had "DEVILLE" as my plate in New Hampshire when I had my DeVille. I always got the "Oh, you mean like Cruella?" I lucked out, because they had just started letting people get 7 digit vanity plates. Haven't thought much about doing it here in TN. I think I'd get sneers from my economy-car driving co-workers. I hadn't realized it, but apparently it isn't cool to drive a nice car AND like it too. My car is in great shape, but they are always telling me to get rid of "that old junker" and buy a Honda. That'll be the day!

07-06-09, 09:42 PM
Too bad that Honda would be totalled at the first sight of anything over 40mph, whereas the Caddy will be picking Honda out of its bumper. :P

What about 91CADDY or 91CADDI

07-07-09, 01:38 AM
I wanted to get BluBoat or 350Boat for my car when I bought it but Illinois has the most retarded plates laws on the planet. I like Broam better than USSCDLC. Its a little less show-offish/braggy.

07-07-09, 09:01 AM
I like USSCDLC. I don't think there's anything show-offish/braggy about it.

07-07-09, 06:42 PM
Martin, I still can't find where to search plates on the MTO. If you have a link, please send it to me...

Hey Jay, start here. Click on Start Online Services. You'll need your driver # and stuff at some point so get your license out.



07-08-09, 09:01 PM
I like #3 and #4 again for the trivia value.

Oh I forgot to mention, That is one beautiful car.