: 89 Brougham gas smell...

07-05-09, 07:40 PM
Hey fellas, I'm in need of some help. My 89 Brougham, 5.0 v8 (Olds 307) is having some issues.

After driving the car for about 10 min & I park the car, come back to it, fire it back up I am smelling gas. I also noticed that as I am driving I smell gas. I have not drove the vehicle since this problem poped up yesterday. I think the gas smell after being driven had been around for a little while, but I only drive the car on week-ends.

Any suggestions on what the issue may be. I have not got a chance to take the air cleaner off & look around, but any specific issues/known problems I should look for?

Thanks in advance guys.

07-06-09, 01:57 PM
Start with the basics. Check injector pod first. Check gas lines and gas tank. Also take a look at the charcoal canister. Could be gas fumes escaping from there.

07-09-09, 09:33 AM
Agreed with above. Check if it's a gas vapor vent leak or a gas leak. My 307 just started to have the same issue. It ends up my carb is leaking. I'm waiting for a rebuild kit to come in so I can rebuild it.

07-10-09, 11:08 AM
OK guys, I will start with the simple stuff first & I'll report back. Thanks for the tips.

07-10-09, 09:56 PM
Very common to have a small leak where the fuel inlet pipe attaches to the carb. Run your finger under the fitting on the carb, most likely it will be damp with fuel. Requires 2 wrenches to loosen then retighten. When the small inlet fuel filter's been replaced most people use the wrong wrench and leave the larger inlet nut looose or they tear the thin gasket behind the larger nut.