: Looks like the LS2 would drop in pretty easy...

07-20-04, 03:36 AM

C6 corvette (LS2)... look similar or what?

I'm beginning to believe the rumors: C6, GTO, and '06 CTS-V all get the LS2... heard it again from a major tuner last week.

07-20-04, 07:37 AM
well i doubt gm will build the ls6 for one car, so i would say the v is going to get the ls2 or the ls7(??is that the right one??)

07-20-04, 06:11 PM
From what I've learned of the LS2, the block is very close to the LS6, basically just a larger bore to get the 0.3 liter increase. The LS2 heads and intake flow better than the LS6 and those parts will bolt right up to our LS6 engine blocks.

Just discovered that Dodge is coming out with a 6.1L version of the Hemi for the Charger. Looks like the displacement wars are on again between the manufacturers!

07-20-04, 07:45 PM
The LS2 is the same physical size as the LS7 will be. While the LS2 is a better engine than what we currently have (LS6) its not different enough to pay for the swap.
On the other hand, two years from now when the LS6 is out, it might be worth the $$$$ to buy it and make the change. A lot less than buying a new V. A new crate motor, with 475-500HP. Not to mention what the value of the LS6 would be worth.
I'm saving my lose change already.

07-20-04, 08:54 PM
GM HAS to give the V more than 400hp. It has to keep up with a standard Vette and be faster than a GTO, especially if it wants to compete against a 500hp M5. I'm sure the rear and tranny would have to be majorly beefed and it would up the price tag above $55k. I'll trade in my V for another next summer if its 450+HP.

07-21-04, 07:54 AM
i would guess gm will put it right between the gto and the vette. they don't want to equal the vette, but they'll want to beat the gto. but at the same time, if they want to sell the gto as a performance car, it won't look good to have it be outpowered by a caddy. so i don't know which way they'll go. they might think since the v has the added style, it won't need the extra hp. it's hard to say. as long as it competes with the bmw and mercedes, i don't think they'll concern themselves with the gto.

07-21-04, 09:46 AM
I personally have no problem with the GTO being faster than the CTS-V. Speed is part of the GTO name. The CTS-V name has no lineage of performance, and I would hate for the CTS-V to become a "glass ceiling" keeping the GTO down. That said, the HP rating of the Corvette shouldn't be an issue either. At equal power the lighter car will perform better.


07-21-04, 11:13 AM
This crap with GM not having a car faster than a Corvette is just that... crap. They are in different market segments and have no choice but to compete with segment competitors on outright performance or price/performance ratio... Just the same, whether or not the V is faster than a base Corvette really means nothing... we would have to have 500hp to keep up with the new base C6. In any case, the performance overlap with the Corvette and GTO would ONLY be a real problem if they had similar configurations... but we are comparing a 2dr/2seat, 2dr/4seat, and 4dr/4seat.

GM doesn't have to ride into the stratosphere in keeping up with BMW's new M5... there is still a market for 400hp sedans at $50k... however I hope they do try, as they MAY build a simpler and more cost effective solution than the germans (and dare I say better in some respects).

07-21-04, 05:35 PM
I hope the 2006 V is not too much better/stronger/faster than the 2004; I usually like to keep cars for a while but not if they are quickly obsolete. I'd hate to take the short term ownership resale hit....but for a 500hp V I might have to!

07-21-04, 09:42 PM
I want to append my post with this. I have no problem with the GTO getting the LS2 and the CTS-V keeping the LS6 another year..... UNLESS the LS2 GTO's suddenly starting dynoing 360+ at the wheels and the CTS-V's are still chugging along at 320 RWHP :D