: 2005 ESVs, reliability and what not?

07-05-09, 11:51 AM
Im thinking of picking up this 2005 ESV locally here and wondering what the reliability on these trucks are with high mileage. This 05 has about 100k miles.

Im very mechanically inclined as Ive built engines, trannys, rebuilt various things on cars. So I dont mind getting my hands dirty once in a while.

But was wondering how these 05 ESVs are from say an engine/tranny reliability state. Are they rock solid till say 200-300k miles? I was searching around the net and I think Edmunds reviews/reliability rating for some reason showed the 05 was overall great but the engine mechanics seemed to have "significant problems" listed which didnt make sense since 04 and 06 showed "minimal problems" for the same line.

I guess the only other thing Id be concerned with is the electronics, Im very good at troubleshooting electronics, however as we all know if a board/circuit fails, not much we can do except replace it instead of going down to component level to find out whats causing the issue.

Besides that this 05 at say $18k (with 100k on the clock) seems fairly well priced and in mint condition.

Any info be appreciated. Thanks

07-06-09, 12:07 AM
I don't know what others might think but I am sure glad I am mechanically & elelctronically inclined, otherwise I would have lost all my hair by now with my Escalade!

I would say go for it if you know you can fix it should problems arise because most mechanics and repair centers will rip your heart out when it comes to repairs on a Cadillac. Basically to them it means you got money and really it is not all THAT complex compared to most other vehicles on common repair stuff ie. wheel bearings, tranny, brakes, axles, etc. etc. The electronics are a little bit more complex but nothing too bad really.