: Cadillac Roadside Assistance

07-04-09, 10:33 AM
Pleasantly Surprised! Here are all the details.
The wife and I go out last night a little pre 4th celebration. My brothers and their wives in town as well. They all drive Mercedes and have been trying to get me to make the switch as well. After a great night out, we get back in around 4am. Pull in the garage as normal and call it a night. Wake up this morning to go get breakfast and damn the card is dead. FOB isn't working, all the doors are locked also ( i think). Run upstairs to grab the second FOB and key just to see if my FOB is dead and still nothing. Stick the key and wow nothing (have never even used the key before). Key goes it but won't turn to the left or right. Just my luck. They must have given me the wrong key when i bought it. Called down the dealership where I bought it and ofcourse it's the 4th so the service department is closed but the general manager talked with me on the phone after I explained what my problem was. He apologized over and over and said not to worry about the key that I can come by when ever i want and they will make sure they cut me a new key. He also gave me the number to cadillac roadside assistance and said i should give them a call and that they would take care of me right away. The only thing was he wasn't sure if they were open today. However, he said if they were closed to call him back and he would personally bring me a jump box for my battery. I called roadside and explain my problem and they too say it's the battery but that when it dies like that it will automatically unlock one of the back doors. Go out and to check and low and behold the passenger side back door was unlocked. Hope in the car and crawl in the front seat to see if I can put it in neutral to get it out of the garage so i can try to jump it. Nothing. Can't even put the damn thing in neutral. Getting extremely frustrated now. Call roadside back and tell her and she says not to worry. Give them 20 minutes and I'll be all set. Couldn't even be upset because she was so sweet. Get off the phone and go in the back yard to smoke a cigarette to try to smoke the shame away lol. By the time I finish, I hear the door bell ringing. Guy comes in with a jump box and jumps it and I'm back. The only reason for this write up is to say this was by far the best customer service I've ever experienced for any product I've ever bought including houses. Typically I'm use to being a hard ass to make sure people do what they need to. I never even got a chance to get upset. This was awesome. Called both back to say how amazed I was. With all the GM news going on i just new i would be ****ed when i called them.

07-05-09, 08:45 AM
My doors did about the same thing a few months back. I have a 2006 STS V8 CPO with 100,000 warranty. Called roadside assistance and they were out within one half hour and replaced the battery. Nothing but good things to say about RA.

07-05-09, 09:34 AM
I have only needed Roadside Assistance one time, but they were great.
Same problem...battery was dead. They replaced battery.

Texas Jim