: World Challenge at Mosport

Silver Baron
07-19-04, 09:57 PM
Anybody going to the Mosport races on the 6-8 of August. :excited:
I will be there on the 6 and 8 (not the 7). We could meet. I live about 1 hour away.
PM me.

07-20-04, 08:12 AM
I thought you were on the west side of Toronto, with the traffic :banghead: on Friday you be lucky to get there in 2 hours lol

Silver Baron
07-20-04, 09:30 AM
I sneak (chase) :shhh: around town on the 407 and onto # 7. Takes me staight to Mosport.

Silver Baron
08-02-04, 09:31 PM
Just want to bring this thread to the top again. :)

Anybody going? :bouncy:

08-02-04, 09:36 PM
In spirit only... :-(

08-02-04, 09:47 PM
Heading to Thunder Bay in the morning, have go to the sisterin law 25 th
wedding anniversary party on Sunday :banghead:
I guess my1700km drive on Tuesday will be my Mosport.
It is about 16-17 hr drive.
I should have a chance to open north star on highway 17 or 11 .
Still done know weather to take 17 or 11. The time and distance is about the same

Silver Baron
08-03-04, 09:37 AM
I will be hanging around the CTS-V and Corvette tents.
I got an invite for the Corvette Corral (http://orderteck.com/cgi-bin/panozmot?XwsSrvID=S2000A02,[a=01[b=31[c=01[d=onaptomz[e=00022109[f=xxxxxxxx[g=91-23634)

I will be wearing my Targa Newfoundland hat (cell 416 666 6958).

08-05-04, 08:32 AM
I'll be there!

I will definetly be around those same two tents as well!
Is your modded CTS-V going to be there?!

I'll keep a lookout for you, I'll be wearing a black Cadillac hat with those reflective racing stripes.

I'm anticipating Fellows doing really well in the 3rd CTS-VR this wkend as well!!

Silver Baron
08-05-04, 09:37 AM
I will have my V, but it does not look any special at the moment as I plan to install most mods such as rotors, BMR stuff, wing, and grafics after this weekend.
See you there.
I am counting on a V-ictory :bouncy: