View Full Version : My Observations of the 9" pulley

06-29-09, 11:14 PM
I finally got a chance to take my car out for a drive after doing an install of
W4M 9" pulley. Here is what is on my car so far:
1. W4M 9" pulley
2. W4M 3" exhaust with stock mufflers
3. W4M Air intake
4. W4M Tune, both engine and transmission

I noticed that boost is now about 12 or 13 lbs and acceleration is very smooth and quick. I'm very happy with the changes so far and i may go for a little larger ring down the line. The one thing that i don't like is the fans go on within a few seconds of the start of the engine. I will probably change over to a 178 thermostat. I live in a cool area of the country and rarely stay at high speeds very long, so cooling isn't a big problem for me.
As you can see i'm a driveing billboard for Jesse, but it's turned out great for me and i'm happy to do it. Cecil...........:)

06-29-09, 11:27 PM
The fans coming on sooner are from the ECM tune. It's a good thing to keep it cool :-)


06-29-09, 11:28 PM
The fans shut off at a certain mile per hour. I only have them comming on at idle /low mph at a slower rate than normal to keep airflow going thru the intercooler/heat exchanger and keep the radiator cooler. Then as your moving the fans shut off as they arent needed anymore. I can change it how you want, but there was a reason for me makeing it 180degree on.