View Full Version : key fault?

06-29-09, 06:46 PM
ive got a 94 FWB that will thorw a key fault code almost everother time i go to start the car. i tried doing a search but didnt come up with anything. if anyone has any suggestions on what could cause this please post up. were tring to get the car running in tip top shape to use as my buddies daily. thanks Jeremy

06-29-09, 09:19 PM
is the car able to start??
sometimes its just the pellet in the ignition switch, that reads the chip in the key
other times the ccm can be at fault
theres a couple of ways to solve this
I would start with the ignition switch
they are usually in stock,
if you go this route I can tell you the simple way to deal with it,
rather then taking apart the steering column , let me know

06-30-09, 11:26 PM
what I found is the wire gets frayed that goes to the key... and like what thefleetwoodguy was saying there are ways around it... but try this, it can prove that it is the wire.... when you start the car turn the key very slowly and just turn it just far enough so that it turns on the starter... sometimes its that last 1/4" of turning that beaks the connection...if it starts everytime doing this you can wire in a resistor to solve the problem....