: 63 Coupe De Ville - Wheezling or whistling

06-26-09, 05:46 AM

my name is Sammy and this is my first thread here :bouncy:

I'm from Germany and here in my country there aren't a lot mechanics who do know much about a 63 Cadillac. :confused:

For a couple of weeks I hear this sound, something like a whistle, wheeze from underneath the car. Not all the time, mostly when temperatures outside are rising and it depends on car speed, not motor speed.
(It still whistles when I put gear in "N" while rolling)
We put the car on a hoist two times, but no whistling... :bigroll:

I made a sound file, but failed to upload.

Hope someone can help me.


06-26-09, 08:54 AM
Are you sure it's coming from under the car? Is it s whistle or a hisssssss? It could be a leak in a vacuum hose under the dash or under the hood. Does the pitch of the whistle change when going from park to N or Drive?

06-26-09, 10:10 AM
Yes, getting louder when I open the window.
Sometimes it's really noisy, not just a sound from a broken vacuum hose.

Does not change when I shift between N and D while the car is rolling.

06-26-09, 11:59 AM
Have you noticed the transmission shifts have been a little off since the noise started? I don't know about the transmission used in your car, but some use engine vacuum to gauge engine load and to change the shift patterns.

Do you have vacuum controlled door locks? The whistle of a leak could be amplified by the door or sound louder without being covered with engine noise.

06-27-09, 03:14 AM
No, shifts are alright.

The whistling is much clearer and noisy - nothing to do with the sound of a broken vacuum hose.

What about the driveshaft bearing or the transmission outlet? Governor?

06-27-09, 03:37 AM
Wheel bearings maybe? Or your rear-end may need a rebuild... Just a guess. I'm assuming this noise does not happen at idle?

06-27-09, 09:24 AM
I thought wheel bearings are more like a rattle than a whistle if they're broken and frequency doesn't change when I turn the steering wheel.

Sound is just louder or changing frequency when idling or slowing down