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06-25-09, 08:25 AM
Just to introduce myself, i live in the city of leeds in england, and am a big seville fan.I was lucky enough to own a mint condition 2001 sts , but sadly someone ran into me and totalled it :annoyed:. So that means i am now on the lookout for another in a similar condition.(very difficult as they are quite rare over here in england). I would just like to ask you guys some advice now and again if that,s okay, i am not really very mechanically minded so any help will be greatly appreciated,( btw its a great site ;))

Kind regards everyone.

p.s anybody out there from my neck of the woods?:D

06-25-09, 08:29 AM
Greetings and :welcome: to the Cadillac Forum.

Lord Cadillac
06-25-09, 10:03 AM
Welcome aboard! Thank you for signing up!

06-25-09, 10:07 AM
Welcome aboard, and sorry to hear about your car :( hopefully you'll find another one soon. I know there are a couple other members from the east side of the large pond....I think hardrockcamaro is from over your way, check the photography thread as he's a frequent poster over there.

06-25-09, 10:22 AM
I have a 1993 Sixty Special Sedan. I do not use it. It's a show-car with 9,800 miles on it. I can imagine how terrible you feel about your car.
I also like Jaguars, which sell very well over here. They are running around daily, all over. I like the XJ-R Convertible, but they are over $105,000 !
Also like the small one XJ, but not too much love for the S-Type. It looks like it's melting.
There is a company in New york that sails cars from here to Europe.

I am the State of New Jersey and about 20 miles from me is a mega million dollar car dealership on a major highway with a frontage of 1/4 of a mile.

They sell new:
Jaguar, Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Infiniti, Lexus, Maserati and Ferrari. It's better than a candy store !!

06-25-09, 11:30 AM
:welcome5: to the forums and thanks for signing up. I know we have a few members from your side of the big pond lurking here somewhere. :)

06-25-09, 06:10 PM
:cowboy: Howdy.

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Welcome to the site!

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Greetings and salutations from across the pond!

06-29-09, 09:03 PM
How's your ol' Whitworth socket set ???