View Full Version : Possible to install 80-89 FWB front lights on a '91?

06-25-09, 04:01 AM
It seems most people prefer the lights on the '90-92 Broughams over the 80-89s, however I prefer the 80-89 lights. I imagine it is possible to swap the lights between these 2 body styles (I've seen 80's models with 90's lights), but is this a complicated process? Could one simply unscrew the whole assembly and plug in an 80's light assembly?

Angry Matt
06-25-09, 07:16 AM
You need to do the whole header panel. It bolts right up. The only part that's slightly complicated (if that) is the wiring for the lights. Most of the colors match on the wires, but some have two to meet to one and vice versa. I soldered all mine and it might have taken us an hour to do (the wiring). All in all it's pretty easy. We always joked about putting the earlier lights on a later car. That would be different.