: Am I just dreaming...

06-25-09, 01:12 AM
Hey everybody, my name is Mike and I currently own a 2005 CTS V.

Its a great car, my 3rd cadillac. I had two german cars before the V...both went from stock to highly modified...

The mod thing has me very jaded. The VAG cars cost me near 30K in modification and I just tried ordering lowering springs for my girls e90 BMW and my CTS V with poor results.

I went from installing boost pipes, cams and headspacers...pulling blowers on the weekend, to having a CAGS eliminator in my center console for the last two months. In short Ive decided to no longer modify...except for little stuff. It mostly just frustrates the fun out of it.

Im going to go with my screen name instead of using it to create some sort of a paradox...I just want a seriously fast car out of the box.

Unfortunately, the 05 V was fast for 2004 standards but not so much in 2009. Im spoiled from my 2004 R32 which still holds the 1/4 mi record for a supercharged R32 (12.58@114).

I love comfort, technology and power. The 09 V looks to fit the bill on paper...and in pictures. I wonder mostly on how it shifts. Even after new motor mounts the trans in the V1 just feels bad. I love the way my girls BMW feels much better. Maybe some of you guys could comment on shifting.

Im also looking at the pricing. Whats great pricing? Is 55K even possible?

Im like 5K upside down on my current loan, its mostly from my last car, which was a mess when i traded it in. Financially, October is going to be a great month for me and I want to make sure I get in the right car. The new V is on the top of my list. I can afford to pump up my payment a couple hundred a month so i feel like with like 5K cash in hand I could get my hands around some napped-finished leather, or a variety of fabrics with a brushed finish instead of this shiny leather.

Am I dreaming? Are you guys getting good deals on these cars with good rates?

06-25-09, 01:53 AM
I drove a 1995 m3, which had by all means, a wonderful german getrag transmission, and after switching the tremec 6 speed in the 09 V i can say confidentially that the Vs transmission is a far more rewarding transmission to use.

Its like this

Short shifts Vs way too long shifts
Crisp and Smooth shifts Vs rubbery shifts

Ive heard the old V was like popping a joint back into place when you shift

06-25-09, 07:01 AM
$55K is not possible unless you are willling to go with no options and you will need GMS pricing to do it. Add taxes and you are over that figure. I have never seen a car without any options therefore, you would need to special order. Good luck.

06-25-09, 09:39 AM
In New Jersey where I bought my car, they have a Black CTS V with no options that he wanted to sell for 55.

06-25-09, 10:55 AM
The only other way you will see $55k is with a used car....and that's with negotiations as most of the used 2G Vs I see for sale are being offered for what would be GMS on a new car (upper 50's).

Krug Ford
06-25-09, 10:56 AM
Give me a call.

06-25-09, 01:58 PM
In New Jersey where I bought my car, they have a Black CTS V with no options that he wanted to sell for 55.

What dealer did you get your V2 from?

Was the 55 he was looking to get, without GMS? Not that I'm interested in picking up a stripper, just curious...

^Lies. There's always room for one more stripper.

06-25-09, 02:36 PM
I used to race an R32...great little car.

I think the V2 will fit your need for speed.

06-26-09, 12:43 AM
Thanks everybody!!!

06-26-09, 11:45 AM
I came from an 04V to the 09V (manual). There is no comparison. The 09 is better in every way. Every gripe I had about the 04V is fixed in the 09V. Of course the new V isn't perfect (no car is), but I haven't really found any warts yet.

The improvement in the clutch & shifter is amazing. Shifting is actually fun now.

07-04-09, 03:37 AM
Thanks for the input guys. I called up Scott at Superior who has great pricing, but the drive home would be a little long so i found a local connection. My girl used to teach at a daycare and her student's father sells Cadillac's. She had his card so I called up today, told him what I was looking for and he took my number. Real nice guy. Supposedly, the owner is driving a black V with the suede steering wheel and a manual trans which will be up for sale within the next few weeks...perhaps my Grandpa who always drove caddys is looking down...aligning the stars for my birthday. That would be sweet. Im really gunning for CPO given the amount of miles I put on, I dont want to be halfway through payments on a 60K car only to be out of warranty. I want to do it smart this time around. It could take longer than a few weeks and im prepared to wait.

07-04-09, 07:58 AM
[quote=FactoryFast;1929419]Thanks for the input guys. I called up Scott at Superior who has great pricing, but the drive home would be a little long so i found a local connection.


I thought that also, for about 2 seconds when I got Scotts price, then...

1. he can ship it to you and you still save more than buying from the local crook thaqt has one or two or so V's shipping clear accross the country is not that bad... Both our in house guys ship cars...

2. long trip..... but hey plan the trip inadvance get cheap flight, and have a great time getting to know your V....

I did it, 2500 miles of super fun on a stick.....

Even with akk the costs involved I still saved a ton over the local crooks prices.....

But, if you want to get it local be my guest, the guy with the company car would never mistreat it....... burn outs, terrible shifts and what ever.....

I got mine with 6 miles on it as I remember..

07-04-09, 05:04 PM
I understand where your comming from with buying a company car but id rather have the beat up V with a 100K warranty then a brand new one with a 50K...because ill be 2 years into payments on the new one with no warranty. Im no angel behind the wheel myself, I am super fanatical about maintenance but we all know and fear a random catastrophic failure.
I bought my V1 as the third owner. I spent the last 10 months with the V in and out of the shop for all sorts of stuff. Wether or not the car was new, things happen...for as guy like me who puts miles on a car it only makes sense to get into a CPO.

What if major mechanical issues arise with this car like the V1? I can only see this car as extremely expensive to repair...blower rebuilds on low production motors, transmission rebuilds...hell, im gonna do burnouts with my V2...hopefully I can finally do that again without worry about grenading my diff or looking like an ass with all that wheelhop...but if it happens im covered for 100K..and I wont own the car past that.

Im a Critical Systems Operating Engineer so not much gets past me...shouldnt anyway. Ill know if the CPO car was horribly abused...however, I dont think theres anything wrong with a GM manager laying a couple strips in the shoprite parking lot...in fact I encourage it. :thumbsup: