: Which mods are most warranty friendly.

06-24-09, 04:46 PM
Have a silver auto V2. I bought it from superior from scott. My question is that i want to do some modding but I am still leary of the W4M tune do to all the latest posts about dealers checking ecm/s and whatnot. Also pulling fuses, and things at this point seem like a little much. I like his ambient air intake and plan on getting it (seems like one of the best).

Any other mods? Im not crazy about a super loud exhaust (wife hates it).



06-24-09, 05:10 PM
To a degree, "Warranty-Friendly" is all in the eye of the beholder. Some dealer svc centers can be pretty cool, others are very hardline. You need to develop a good rapport with your Svc dept. As has been said in other threads, refusal/cancellation of said warranty due to mods has to be supported by specifying a given mod as a source/contribution to failure of a GM part or group of parts.

Put it this way: where is your personal line in the sand with risk factor? Sussing out where your local svc dept stands with certain mods is a good place to start. as it is right now, the torsionial isolator upgrade, for example, isn't flying well with GM. No warm and fuzzies there. I do hope they change their mind. I don't think I'd balk at the ECM tune from Jesse. Unless somehting changes, I fully intend to use it myself when I get my V2, just to improve the shifting and gas mileage.

Hey if and when you can, would you post a pic of your V2? I'd really like to see how your Silver turned out. Thanks!

06-24-09, 05:51 PM

username aburd. half way down.


06-24-09, 06:32 PM
AH yes! very nice. That looks much better than the RS V2's paintjob I saw on a lot in the Bay Area last month...