: Kuhmo Solus KR21

06-24-09, 02:37 AM
Is a great tire. I had four put on my 1991, its one of the few tires to offer a whitewall in our tire sizes. Rides nice, quiet, and pretty affordable. I know three different people running this tire, and they all love it.

My dad was the one who told me about it, the set on his truck(04 Tacoma) has 25k miles on it with a lot of tread left. They're still quiet and still ride smooth.

I know they aren't as flashy as vogues, but for half to 1/3rd the price you can't beat it.

06-24-09, 03:29 AM
It is amazing how whitewall tire choices have evaporated in the last year or two. What happened?! I do love the Vogues on these cars. Let us know how your Kumhos perform.

06-25-09, 07:15 AM
I also run these tires and performance wise they are very capable. Have had mine on for about 8 months and am very satisfied. Great in snow if you sipe them. I could not spin my land yacht out if I tried. Also they do very well in heavy rain. Takes a pretty deep puddle to hydroplane. With a 80k treadware warranty you cant go wrong.

06-25-09, 09:22 AM
Hey guys, I went to the Kumho web site and looked these tires up. Two questions; First there are two different white walls on the spec sheet. One says the construction is "XL". I don't know what that means. The next question is, does anyone have a pic of this white wall tire. The only thing i could find on the web site was a picture of the tread.

06-28-09, 12:15 PM
XL means extra load and I believe the sidewalls are stiffer. It's for heavy vehicles like limousines and commercial vehicles such as hearses. I've used XL tires on Cadillacs I've owned previously including a 1978 Fleetwood Limousine and 1976 Fleetwood Brougham. I don't recall the ride of these cars being less cushy but a tire dealer friend of mine showed me a before and after of how pushing the car from side to side is different between standard and XL - - the XL tires barely moved while the standard tires had more flex. Hope this helps! :-) Dave