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06-29-03, 06:44 PM
Hi! :wave: I found the site on a search and signed up! My dad (deceased a long time) drove Cadillacs and I couldn't figure out why! But a few months ago it was wild! Every time I turned around I was seeing these really sharp cars! When I'd compliment the driver and ask what it was, it always turned out to be a 97 SLS! So....I searched for 5 months to find one! I even drove 5 hours to see one! I finally found one at my local Cadillac dealer 2 weeks ago! It was just traded! 97 Seville SLS, White Diamond! Beautiful... Cappuccino leather interior with Sea Mist Green Accent! I don't think the original owner ever drove it! Other than the milage on it, I coundn't tell! I'm glad there's a place like this to learn and exchange ideas! Thanks for the site and membership!

06-29-03, 07:59 PM
Welcome aboard, SLS97! And thank you for signing up! I'm glad you found us.. Our "picture" section will be up and running (again) shortly. I hope you'll have some pictures for us..

06-29-03, 08:08 PM
WELCOME to our HangOut SLS97! eNJOY YOUR NEW CAR :spin:

06-29-03, 10:43 PM
Welcome!!!! Thanks for joining our community...... It sounds like you are very enthusiastic about your new caddy...... and you should, they are one of a kind!

06-30-03, 07:14 AM
Welcome aboard.

06-30-03, 11:51 AM
Gotta love the 97 SLS...last year of the old body style. Now you're truly elite.

06-30-03, 04:46 PM
~Welcome~ To the :bulging: :eyebrow: :cheers: :farting: :burn: :banana: :nyanya: :bonkers: show...hehe

06-30-03, 06:25 PM
Enjoy! Play a Lynyrd Skynrd CD...and toin it UP!...