: Thunder Gray CTS-V for Sale Recaro's... Call me for details.

Krug Ford
06-23-09, 10:52 AM
2009 cts-v series general motors corporation 30u thunder gray chromaflair /v8g & subsidiaries 195 ebony renaissance center order no. Nhsvgr/sre stock no. Detroit mi 48243-1114 vin 1g6 dn57 p1 90173108 vehicle invoice 6od07624186 ************************************************** *************12*20048s model & factory options msrp inv amt retail - sold 6dn69 cts-v series 58575.00 54474.75 invoice 06/19/09 c3u ultraview sunroof 900.00 792.00 shipped 06/19/09 fe9 50-state emissions n/c n/c exp i/t 06/23/09 lsa engine, 6.2l v8 556 hp, n/c n/c int com 06/23/09 supercharged prc eff 06/16/09 n45 v specific sueded steering 300.00 264.00 keys g2746 g2746 wheel and shift knob wfp-s qtr opt-1 p80 19" polished aluminum wheels 800.00 704.00 bank: National ci (replaces std/opt wheels) chg-to 20-048 r8e gas guzzler tax 2600.00 2600.00 uav navigation system 2145.00 1887.60 ship wt: 4230 with xm nav traffic - service hp: 52.8 fee extra. 1st 3 months incl. Gms: 63551.50 ue1 1 yr onstar directions w/turn- n/c n/c supplr: 66404.57 by-turn navigation (ask dealer mrm: 70540.00 about geographic coverage) dan: Spsti w2e recaro high performance seats 3400.00 2992.00 memo 3335.75 and metal pedals gsu: 1078.10 30u thunder gray chromaflair 995.00 875.60 premium paint total model & options 69715.00 64589.95 act 231 63401.50 destination charge 825.00 825.00 h/b 261 2013.45 total 70540.00 65414.95 pay 310 65414.95 memo: Total less holdback and approx wholesale finance credit 62230.00 ************************************************** ********************* invoice does not reflect dealer's ultimate cost because of manufacturer rebates, allowances, incentives, holdback, finance credit and return to dealer of advertising monies, all of which may apply to vehicle. ************************************************** ********************* superior cadillac-gmc

Krug Ford
06-23-09, 07:19 PM
This was sold today to a man in California.

Paperwork will go out on Thursday.


06-23-09, 10:54 PM

06-24-09, 06:41 PM
It wasn't me, gang... honest! :werd:

Krug Ford
06-25-09, 10:37 AM

only time will tell

06-25-09, 12:54 PM
It wasn't caddyscat was it?? He was joking around last night about saying goodbye to his WS6... I'm his brother, time to start texting him while he's at work...

06-25-09, 06:51 PM
Ha HA!! Thunder Gray is a nice color.

06-26-09, 04:17 AM
LOL at last 2 posts.

06-30-09, 06:44 PM
i have to come clean--i bought the car. supposed to arrive within the week--i feel like a kid with a birthday coming up. so far, so good.

scott has been an absolute pleasure to deal with--even from 2500 or so miles away. was much better experience than a local dealer i dealt with out here.

will be back to you all after receipt of the car.

Krug Ford
07-01-09, 04:31 PM
Yes I did sell this to Jess..

He is another one of my Completly satisfied customers.

12-18-10, 10:01 PM
Does anyone else have any CTS-V seats for sale?