: Washed the whole family this weekend...

06-22-09, 11:46 AM
Well, I was going to wash my baby this weekend and saw my dads car needed it too. Then my mom pulled up in her car and I couldn't let the dirt from my sisters barn just sit on her car either.

So all-in-all I washed 3 cars yesterday, didn't have a chance to wax any of em though... :mad:

Heres the pics of my car after it was washed 2 weekends ago.

^The perfect reflection in white paint of my driveway^
^'nuff said^
^Not sure if it looks better in the shade or sun^
^one angle^
^second angle^
^Ricer's have no idea...^

Will post this weekends in a second, have to get them off of my phone.


Here's this past weekend...


06-22-09, 11:59 AM

Like I said, couldn't wax anyone but I think they all still look pretty clean.

06-22-09, 02:02 PM
Nice house too!

06-22-09, 02:09 PM
Thanks Jesda! I gotta say I almost like my dads rims more than mine. Isn't that the only year those were offered?

06-22-09, 02:24 PM
Damnit, I really need to get a newer car. They all have such shiny paint.

06-23-09, 12:03 AM
Damnit, I really need to get a newer car. They all have such shiny paint.

You can make your car's paint look nice. My friends '88 Camaro's Paint is just as good as mine. :eek:

Anyone take any ganders as for the miles on the cars?

2002 GMC Envoy XL (SLT) - ?
2004 Pontiac Grand Prix (GTP) - ?
1999 Cadillac Seville (STS) - ?

06-23-09, 12:44 AM
Wow... You must have been really bored.

It's time intensive enough to properly wash my own car let alone an other persons... If she's lucky, my wife's Jeep will get a quick hose-down while I'm out there, maybe a few suds if I'm feeling really generous - else, she knows how to wash a car. The only thing I will do is detail her interior simply because she doesn't have the patience to do so correctly. Anyone else who just so happens to stop by while I'm doing so is SOOL...

Anyway, just out of curiosity - who's Pontiac is that? More specifically... If you took the time to wash their car, then why on earth haven't you taken the 5 minutes necessary to remove the dealer decal from the back of the car?

Maybe it's just me, but the first thing I do after we bring a new vehicle home is remove the dealer's decal. I remember one time (I think it was the Regal GS), after doing so when I went back a couple weeks later to pick up the tags, the salesman actually made mention of it while putting on the rear tag... So I told him what I always say - "Unless your dealership is either willing to lower my payment or send me a check every month, then I'm sure as hell not going to muck up the looks just to give you free advertising space on my car." He kind of stood there flabbergasted... I guess I was just the first, perhaps only a-hole to ever tell him that.

06-23-09, 01:00 AM
The Envoy is my moms, Pontiac is my dads, and Cadillac is mine. They were all just suds up, this wash I am using my ArmorAll has Carnauba wax in it so I guess it waxes the cars a bit while I was it? Then I just use some ArmorAll tire foam, and after the cars dry spray it with some ArmorAll wax thats 'infused' with carnauba wax.

I guess its the cheap/fast way to wax, if you even wanna call it that, a car.

The decals, my dad is a very conservative kind of guy. Doesn't mess with anything if it doesn't bother him. He really just makes sure all the maintenance is kept up on it and drives it EXTREMELY carefully. The only exercise it gets is when me or my mom drive it.

I REALLY need to pick up a buffer and some Zaino, is it possible to get any sort of reflection out of my White Diamond paint? If so, how deep will it go asuming I get Z2 and Z6? OR does anyone have any suggestions for my paint type for the best results? I would love to see my dads car after a wax of Zaino. :D

06-23-09, 01:08 AM
The paint on my cars has no chance of shining up. The repaint on the Brougham was done by a retard and there is minor amounts of orange peel in several spots. The Fleetwood is simply old and scratched to hell with many, many swirl marks.

06-23-09, 01:34 AM
That makes me sad, well, when we both get our XLR-V's it will all be taken care of... Eh JD?

06-23-09, 03:33 AM
Sure, it will look great sitting in my garage next to my hovercraft and my teleporter. :)

06-23-09, 12:06 PM
Nah it will look even better next to my decrepit aged self. :P

06-23-09, 09:19 PM
Great looking cars. STS sure as hell doesn't look like it has 150k something miles on it. Do you keep the interior of your car clean as well? I'm so anal about the interior of my car even getting a speck of dirt that when my friends get in my car the first thing they have to do is knock off their feet, even though I have rubber floor mats. Usually, I don't take my car.