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07-18-04, 05:48 PM
Straight from GM...

"Customers with 2004-05 vehicles that have a Delphi navigation radio may comment that the preset display (fig. 13) sometimes contains either a scrolling message or an unexpected message instead of the station ID. Some customers may find this confusing and distracting.

The fault is not with the radio. The radio station is broadcasting improper messages in place of the authorized station ID letters."

07-18-04, 06:12 PM
I have this constantly. Only about 3 of my pre-sets show the actual station ID. The rest are either the song that is playing or the station's slogan. PITA sometimes.

07-18-04, 10:40 PM
Yeah, I've got it too. But I'm extremely anal and all my vehicles have the same station presets. So I don't need them to say anything.

07-19-04, 01:15 AM
Try hitting the preset when a commercial or news is playing (i.e. when there is no song on).

07-19-04, 10:25 AM
Try hitting the preset when a commercial or news is playing (i.e. when there is no song on).

Yes I've done that but then mine keep changing on their own :( No matter what RDS/other settings I've got.


07-19-04, 12:04 PM
My V did this yesterday.

preset 1 - regular display
preset 2 - Screwed up display (5492.97)
preset 3 - Screwed up display (6620.46)
preset 4 - Screwed up display (6479.03)
preset 5 - Regular except missing the T (he Zone)
preset 6 - Screwed up display (5302.81)

After driving around for a hour, they had not changed. I parked, was away for ten minutes, came back and started the car up, they were back to normal.

Dgtal (dgtalpimp@pimpdaddy.com)

Oregon John
07-19-04, 02:28 PM
My 2nd FM button switched to the song playing when I programmed it i.e. it said Fleet (for Fleetwood Mac). :hmm:

I am an XM fan, so will not use FM much at all. On my '03 Denali, I have the GM NAV/XM package. It sometimes shuffles the order of the soft presets, then shuffles them back the next time I start it. I was going to complain, then thought that there was probably not much GM could do, and it's pretty harmless.

02-25-06, 05:36 PM
Is there still no fix for this? My '06 is doing this crap too.

02-25-06, 05:38 PM
Is there still no fix for this? My '06 is doing this crap too.

I believe that this is a radio station issue and not a GM issue. The radio stations are broadcasting the wrong info in the wrong place.

02-25-06, 09:16 PM
What hath I wrought?:nono:

02-27-06, 08:05 AM
All V's with the combined navigation and radio display have the problem with the preset display sometimes showing incorrect info. And, GM is correct when they say that the problem is due to incorrect data being sent by the station. The radio will display the frequency until it receives other data like the name or ID of the station. It then displays that in place of the frequency. If it does not receive this data, as is the case with some stations that never transmit this data, the prefix remains on the frequency. Otherwise, it displays the data transmitted by the station. That data might be correct or it might not. In many cases the data exceeds the capacity of the display area and appears to be fragmented. Sometimes the data is wrong and might not display anything that makes any sense. The data that gets transmitted can be the station name, station ID, the song title, or any other thing that the station might send. The radio could ignore this and not alter the frequency in the preset display; however, the radio is designed to use this info if it is available, and there is no option or setting to make it stop.

09-12-06, 09:21 AM
Does anyone know of any updates to this problem, such as s/w patch to override the preset RDS read function?

09-12-06, 01:34 PM
To follow up on my previous question lookig for an update:

Why does the preset button mane get overriden with the RDS data? I can understand the RDS data showing on the main screen, but the preset name should change unless I reset it myself.

...it just seems too logical to me...

09-12-06, 02:27 PM
Mine just mixes the info up on the soft presets. They always show a XM or radio station, it's just not the one that the button is set to. The buttons keep the correct station.

Dealer offered up a new radio/nav system stating there is a corruption in mine and that it can be corrected. I just don't like people screwing with my car, especially in the dash since it creates squeaks and creaks.

09-12-06, 03:15 PM

interesting...did the dealer reference a TSB or other bulletin?