: Cadillac Closings

06-20-09, 11:56 AM
Can someone explain to me why they would take away the only dealership in a metro area of approximately a million people?? Somehow it reeks of politics to me. We also lost the only Buick dealership.:confused: The other dealerships are 70 and 100 miles away. It looks like we will have to consider an import next time.

06-24-09, 10:52 AM
or just suck it up and drive to the next dealer. dont give up on a brand just cause you have to drive a few extra miles to a dealer.

06-24-09, 07:51 PM
If factory authorized dealer service is important to you, the conveniece of getting thst service for your car is a consideration in choosing the make you will buy. I wouldn't buy a "new" car that had inconvenient service locations. The possible need for warranty work and program maintennce would always make the dealer's location important. This is particularly of improtance to older buyers as well as well as young professionals who are able to buy more expensive cars. Cadillac's closing of some convenient dealerships may continue to make foreign brands more attractive and thus continuing their desirability over domestic makers.

06-25-09, 10:51 AM
This is SO true!
I bought new a 1988 Ssedan DeVille followed by my current 1993 Sixty Special, that is 98% now retired as a show-car with 9,880 miles on it. My Caddy dealer was just 4 miles from me and only took 13 minutes to get there. Then, they closed and sold to a builder and it's now apartments.
My NEXT closest Caddy dealer is 20 miles away. They do not give loaners. You either wait there, or get a car from a rental company that has an office in the showroom & you pay a premium for the Toyota Yaris your get.
SOOoo, I switched, and bought a Lincoln Town Car , loaded. My L-M dealer is 8 miles away (21 minutes) and I get a choice:
1.) They will drive me home AND pick me up, if i want, or
2) I can have a new 2009 Town Car Loaner to use for the day (with gas), or
3) I can wait for the car.

While there, they get 3 dozen Dunkin' Donuts delivered, daily and have a LaVazza coffee & Expresso machine. All at no charge.

So, my show car is a Caddy & my DD (Daily Driver) is the Town Car.

As soon as the Caddy place closed, it was very noticable the increase of Chrysler 300s and various models of Lincolns were seemingly blooming inthe area.

07-14-09, 03:41 PM
Well, someone finally is doing something right. The Cadillac dealership is being reinstated. They are losing the GMC dealership.

07-16-09, 10:14 PM
Nice to hear that someone in Washington, D.C. (where GM is run from these days) can read a map and has a shred of business sense.