: Anyone else with NEW WFM mods.........

06-19-09, 10:54 AM
....pulley, 4 inch cone, additional coolant resevior etc.. having a hard time getting a hold of Jesse. Don't want to rock the boat here but I have my car in the shop ready to have things installed- including AR Headers- and have not recieved updated tunes I have requsted. I am running WFM max perf tune with my current setup including his old CAI ,modded airbox and corsa's. Main concern is installing new MAF and crank pulley without tune.
I know he is busy as heck, but I need some reassurance/thoughts from forum here.

Another queston- Jesses original tune included tuning for his 3-inch exhaust system which i decided NOT to use. I have noticed throttle response has been off the past several weeks progressively. Could the ECU be affected by the stock exhaust restriction since it was set for the 3-inch with no muffler? When I go the headers should this resolve?

Thx in advance guys.

06-19-09, 11:24 AM
I don't think you need an updated tune for a new MAF (It will re-learn) or a 8.5" crank pulley but call wait4me to make sure.

If you have his handheld you can call him and tell him what changes you want to make to your tune and he will email it to you.

I just called the shop and spoke to his wife (Hannah) you should do the same. Most of the time she writes down my question and she will call me back with an answer.

06-19-09, 11:47 AM
Cadv-thx for the quick response

I have called and spoke to Hannah at least 4 times requesting tune updates and callbacks. Unfortunately I have gotten neither.

What are your thoughts on my queston on the tune/exhaust situation.

06-19-09, 12:45 PM
The tunes will handle a 9.0 ring just fine.. The only difference for people needing retunes are if they went with a 160 thermostat or a 9.5 or larger crank ring...

As for the exhaust things, If you are noticing a difference, it is just that the car is expecting alot less restriction on airflow. After your headers, you will need a retune to bring things back in line to get your horsepower back....

06-19-09, 01:25 PM
Jesse thx for your response. I have requested new tunes from you in pm's but i am looking for upgraded tunes for the following mods-
1- Your 4-inch cone/cai
2- American Racing Headers- high flow cats
3- Your 160 degree t-stat
4- Your 5% crank pulley
5- Adding your supplemental cooling resevior

You said I would need a tune- I have your "old" tune so I need your update

06-19-09, 02:47 PM
I also need a retune for the handheld for the 160 stat. I thought he was doing this couple weeks ago. I even emailed my VIN number as he requested but never received anything. So, I still haven't installed the stat. Ughhh.

06-22-09, 08:59 AM
relax guys.....Jesse is a pioneer for the CTS-v........be patient! i too have the 9 inch crank, the full cone filter ,
and a reloaded tuner coming.

We want to beat the M's and Amgs soundly and quickly....in a month. This will be all a memory. Jesse is a very nice man.....and he want to make good business. He's be doing mods for a long time..and the wait is likely worth it. He wants you to be happy and in doing so..i think he is meticulous.

don't worry....you'll be smoking euro's in no time at all.

A. C.