: HEy whatsup

La Salle Cadillac
06-18-09, 08:44 PM
Want to know what the largest cadillac sedan models are in order preferraly. is there any size difference between the hearses and the normal sedans?

06-18-09, 09:19 PM
Um, well...there's that REALLY BIG area in the back. You know, for coffins. :alchi:

06-18-09, 09:50 PM
You've got big.....then bigger! I believe there were actually two different models, you had the hearse/coffin mover model then the funeral home model with additional seating in the back for transporting the family. I had a HS classmate who had the version with additional seating and that thing was comfy to ride in, kinda floaty, and was fun to cruise around in with a ton of people in there comfortably.

06-18-09, 11:16 PM
Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Cadillac used to build the 8 passenger limousines in "touring" and "formal" configurations. The "touring" sat eight people, using 2 jump seats, and had no sliding glass partion between the driver's compartment and the rear passenger compartment; the "formal" limousine had the glass window partition to prvide privacy for the rear compartment occupants.

Cadillac also supplied chassis to independent fabricators, Superior, Eissen & Eberhardt (Sp?) and others who turned them into hearses, flower cars, ambulances, etc. I don't recall ever seeing or hearing of a hearse configured with seats in the rear in place of the rollers used to ease the coffin into the hearse's rear compartment.

While my knowledge of Cadillac commercial vehicles is by no means complete, I have always had an interest in developments in the field; when I was 4 years old my life's ambition was to be a hearse driver ......... that being the biggest, most impressice Cadillac or Packard around at the time! In high school one of my best friends Dad was a funeral director and the family's business had a Cadillac hearse (1957) and several limosines which my friend and I could earn extra spending money washing and waxing.