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06-17-09, 05:50 PM
My Eldorado has sprung a very small coolant leak that looks to be an easy fix. The leak is coming from the small rubber hose (one clamp on each end) between the coolant tank and the coolant line that runs under the engine's beauty cover. What is the proper name of this hose? Just curious because the closest dealer is now 20 miles away and I'd rather just order it for wholesale online. Thanks gang!


00 Deville
06-17-09, 06:09 PM
GMPartsDirect has a pretty good online parts catalog with lots of pictures.

06-17-09, 06:11 PM
If the line looks to be about 5/8" or so, and runs from the fitting on the upper area of the surge tank to a tit on the waterpump area, that's the purge line.

It constantly bleeds a small stream of coolant into the surge tank, thus removing air and gasses from the coolant, which helps to prevent water pump cavitation. The bottom hose of the surge tank sort of "floats" on the system, allowing expanding and contracting coolant to flow to/from the surge tank as needed.

06-18-09, 07:05 PM
I replaced mine with some fuel line I had laying around - 5/16" I think - did it years ago, no problems since.

If the leak is on the tank side, it might be the tank itself - the nipple cracks and leaks - very common - need to replace the entire tank, in that case. Got mine from gmpartsdirect.com - I think around $75ish. If you do that, you might also want to replace the heater hose size hose that comes off the bottom of the tank