: Thank you For the CTS!

07-18-04, 02:08 AM
Thank you Cadillac. Thank you, Mr. Lutz. And thank you General Motors. The CTS is the car that may have well saved the Cadillac Motor Division, and in a small way, GM itself. Cadillac was in danger of not only being lost against the competitors from Germany and Japan, but their cars were begining to fall so far out of touch with what people want that the core of their customers have already been retired for 20 years!

I am 27 years old. I've been set on Japan's renowned trouble free designs and Germany's fine craftsmanship. I drive a Honda Prelude now. I've been contemplating going to a touring sedan for a while. Up untill about 3 years ago, I would have never considered a Cadillac in a million years. I think I am the demographic that Cadillac had to tap into in order to stay afloat. And stay afloat you are.

In fact, I am so thrilled with the new direction of the CTS, STS, SRX, and XLR that I have dumped all plans to go with either an Acura TL or Audi A4 in lieu of a CTS 3.6 six speed.

This is a car that makes me proud. Proud to know that Detroit could really put together a well built, well engineered, and well thought out car. I've just been begging for one, and now they've been delivered.

Along with the new Pontiacs, it seems GM has really done a great job reinventing itself, and doing what we all knew had to be done: beat the imports at their own game, and building a car that's refined and reliable.

Thanks for bringing me back to the blue square. I've always said, I would buy American first if they built a product that was worth my money..... they have and I will.

07-24-04, 10:21 PM

Your post was well stated and I could not agree with you more if it wasn't for one simple fact --- GM has yet to build a single 3.6 l 6-speed manual powertrain for sale to the public.

I would reserve any compliment until they deliver.

My $0.02 ----