: just a few STS questions

06-16-09, 11:10 PM
Hey everybody I am new here on the forums. I do not have an STS yet, and hope to get one within the month. I want to get the all wheel drive and a 6 cylinder. Navigation is a must. Just wondering how everybody likes their STS. Other cars I was considering was an Audi S4, C Class Mercedes, and 3 Series BMW. I think the STS is a much better car overall. I would like to know more about the navigation system. Is it touch screen? Ipod compatible? Thanks!

06-16-09, 11:24 PM
Yes, Nav is touchscreen. Stock is that the screen is locked while moving, get Lockpick to unlock it.

Nav is not Ipod compatible, other than aux input. Lots of options to add aftermarket Ipod integration allowing touch screen control.

06-17-09, 09:22 AM
Make sure you get an STS with all the options you want and test drive it before closing the deal. Some options are impractical to add later and/or make big differences in the ride.

Newer models are more likely to offer specific combinations of options, and a much improved V6, etc.

06-17-09, 01:06 PM
thanks for the replies everybody:cool2: yeah my main concern is the navigation system, and that is a must. more feed back is appreciated, thank you

06-17-09, 02:29 PM
The touchscreen navigation system is great but also controls system functions as well... for example: memory seat settings, suspension settings, driver customization, etc. Another nice perk of the nav system is the Bose 5.1 studio surround system. You will be very happy with your STS, I know I am!

06-17-09, 03:37 PM
thanks again guys... anything out there i should beware of ? The only real option i care for is the Navigation, but tell me about your options and which ones you would recommend !

06-17-09, 07:46 PM
Love the cooled seats!

06-17-09, 09:08 PM
Yes, I agree, the Navigation is a MUST with these cars. I foolishly bought my STS without the Nav, and I've been kicking myself almost everyday for not getting it WITH the Nav. A car of this caliber MUST have a Nav. IMO.

06-17-09, 09:59 PM
ACC was one of my requirements. I get sick of Wisconsin drivers & the rolling roadblocks in the left lane! <Rant!>

06-17-09, 10:02 PM
thanks guys.... have you all experienced decent gas mileage? i want to get a 6 cylinder because i do a lot of driving, and i just sold my Chevy Tahoe because it sucked down gas hah!

06-17-09, 10:19 PM
The sound of the N* is worth every penny even if the gas costs $5 a gallon.

06-17-09, 11:24 PM
The sound of the N* is worth every penny even if the gas costs $5 a gallon.

What he said...:cloud9:

06-18-09, 01:13 AM
Yes, get the V8 for sure. The v6 doesn't get that much better millage then the V8. Nothing like the sound of the NorthStar revving up :)

06-18-09, 02:13 AM
Just bought my 2006 STS V8 this weekend and it started raining wipers came on way cool didn't know the car did that!
It could take me another 6 months to figure out all this car does! Lovin every mile though sure wish I had found an STS V though.