: All GM car show - Woodley Park - Van Nuys - 28 June 2009

Gary Wells
06-16-09, 09:20 PM
I would really like to see some nice CTS-V's at this show. I do not own one yet, but am looking. Might buy an existing '09, might order a '10. I will be there with my white '87 Buick Turbo-T, parked right across from the Caddys.


This is an all General Motors only show with about 300 - 400 cars generally, and some of the West Coasts nicest GM's. This is such a great show that Jay Leno generally brings one of his cars and walks around for a while. Hope to see some of you guys there, drop over and say hi. Hoping to see some CTS-V's there.
TIA/R: Gary Wells