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06-15-09, 11:08 PM
i intend to tow our tent trailer with our deville. can i install an oil cooler if it does not have one?? any ideas? dan

06-16-09, 08:44 AM
Either look at the top of the oil filter adapter or the front of the passenger side radiator tank. If there are two lines from the adapter to/from the radiator, you have an oil cooler. (Most Northstar setups have one.)

A tent trailer should be no problem, regardless. Don't forget that the Northstar oil coolers are set up to maintain the oil at or close to coolant temperatures - 200 degrees - and modern oils are perfectly happy up to 240 or 250 degrees for extended periods. The transmission already has an oil cooler.

06-25-09, 02:17 AM
im driving a 95 deville concours with a recently replaced radiator and realized that there was no oil cooler in the radiator. however the driver side had a transmission cooler and the car also has a power steering cooler which i found very interesting... long story short as you stated recently most northstar systems have somesort of oil cooler what models/years had them?

06-25-09, 08:57 AM
Exactly which models/years is a crap shoot - some do, some don't, and just when you think you have some idea of which does and doesn't, a member comes along and blows you out of the water.....

Next time you're under the front of the car take a good hard look at the oil filter adapter. Are there two (maybe capped) fittings which are located as below ? You car may have had an oil cooler at one time - the Helm/GM Factory Service Manual may offer another clue.

Mark C
06-25-09, 10:59 AM
Both of my 97 STS's have oil coolers, my 2000 STS does not. The 98 STS engine thats going into my diamond white 97 did not have the fittings on the oil filter adapter for the cooler, (so I just swapped it for the one that came off the 97 engine with the cracked cylinder liner). My 2000 does have the fittings for the cooler on the front (weird place for them) of the radiator, but I don't know if the radiator had been replaced before I got it, or if its original. My 2000 Deville (base) did not have an oil cooler, or the fittings on the radiator for one.

06-25-09, 04:26 PM
Yeah, that...........My 02 has an oil cooler, and the 2 lines snake around to those 2 fittings on the front of the radiator - that's the culprit that dumps a half pint of hot oil down your arm when you crack the filter for an oil change......

I wonder if the original tire speed rating has anything to do with oil cooler yes/no ???

06-25-09, 05:20 PM
Maybe.... seems logical.

01 STS, H rated tires, no oil cooler. Dads old 99 STS, Z rated, oil cooler.

I need to check his new STS...

06-25-09, 05:55 PM
1997 ETC, H-rated tires, radiator tank engine oil cooler
2000 ETC, H rated tires, radiator tank engine oil cooer

06-26-09, 09:00 AM
An included engine oil cooler seems to be associated with RPO code KC4. A vehicle's tow rating is posted on the sticker inside the driver's door jamb along with the tire size, right? I'm wondering if different Sevilles and Devilles can have different tow ratings and if an oil cooler is associated with a higher towing capacity.