: Floorboard Patch Tips Needed

Angry Matt
06-15-09, 10:43 PM
I pulled out my carpet today in the '81cdv and of course there are rot holes in my passenger side floor. Lots of rust and rot, but only on the passenger side. The drivers side looks brand new. I'm looking for some tips on how to cheaply and easily patch these. My idea was to grind out the rust areas and paint the bare edges left. Get thin sheet metal and pound it to shape. Then weld in the sheet metal. Does this sound right? Maybe some rtv in there too. 10 years ago I would have thrown the new carpet over the holes and not thought twice about it, but I'm trying to stop doing thing like that these days. If anybody can give me some tips or pointers it would be greatly appreciated.

06-16-09, 12:18 AM
If your good with metal, you can probably do that, but it never look perfect. I would go to a junk yard and try to find another new looking pan (I'm not sure they would let you pull the carpet on all their cars) or you can go to partrequest.com (https://www.partrequest.com/vehicles/used_auto_parts) and see if they can find a good one.

The key to body panel replacement is rust cannot touch the new parts. If it does, the hole will be back in five years, only worse. When you cut the old pan out, cut at least an inch into good metal to give the replacement part a better chance. Even get under the car and make sure that the new piece will not touch any rust. If you cannot get it to that point, then you should seek more substantial advise from a restoration shop.

06-16-09, 07:39 AM
I think Matt's idea sounds easier. I would skip the welding and rivet the new sheet metal in. If you plan to sell the car someday and need it to be perfect then you may want to do a perfect job like Sven suggested.

Angry Matt
06-16-09, 05:57 PM
I payed $200 for the car when I started this project. I think I'm going to saw the old fenders and try to use them for the sheet metal. I don't care what it looks like, it's covered by carpet. I just don't want a barn door open for the mice this winter, I just got them out. If I can't find a rivet gun, would sheet metal screws be too rigged looking? The car's so low after the eibach springs, no one can see under it. If I ever get rid of this car it will be stripped and crushed. I won't part with my 472.

And no, I'm not good with metal, I was hoping to pick it up during this project. That's how I've been handling everything else with this car and am further than I thought I could get. Junk yard will be the next step. I have a good on that you can pretty much do whatever you want in.

06-17-09, 07:33 AM
Sheet metal screws would work BUT if you ever reach under the car you may get scratched up. I have heard dryer sheets will keep the mice out of the car. I started doing this last year in my parked cars and it seems to work.