: TPS issue: Codes P0122, P1122. Help!

06-15-09, 09:33 PM
Hey guys, anyone ever have any problems with the TPS? My engine light came on with codes P0122 and P1122. Before they came up this started:
Maybe twice a week i'll come to a stop and -in drive- the RPMs will not drop from about 1300. Shift into N and it jumps to around 3000.
I followed my factory manual best I could. With engine off, ign on, I'm getting 5V to the TPS. 0.7V ish at no throttle, and 4.8V ish at WOT.
Today when it happened I pulled over and put it in N. Throttle was physically closed, it was running at around 3000. I measured the same 0.7V out of the TPS (without unplugging it).
I visually checked the wiring-the best I could- from the TPS right to the PCM. I didn't have time to unplug the PCM and ohm out the wires.

Any thoughts? similer problems?

06-15-09, 09:36 PM
Sorry, its a 1998 Seville SLS. 97.000 miles

Thinking ahead a little... If it ends up being the PCM... Will a PCM from a 99 STS work? or maybe a Devilte?

06-15-09, 09:41 PM
My GM manual says

P0122 TP Sensor Circuit Low Voltage

P1122 TP Sensor CKT Intermittent Low Voltage