View Full Version : XLR-V In Winter Midwest MN, WS, ND

06-14-09, 10:38 PM
I looking at cars and was wonder if the XLE-V is okay driving in the winter. Or is it closer to the Corvette; it cannot be drive in the winter even with snow tires on.

06-16-09, 02:22 AM
Just got done chatting with a tire guy and he saids that the XLR-V doe not have the same width times as the Corvette so it could possibly be used in the winter time.

Is there any owners of the XLR-V that drive it in the winter like the Mercedes SL550 owners do?

06-18-09, 09:11 AM
I live in Detroit and we have a regular XLR with the stock all season tires on it and it is usable on most winter days. Although after just a few weeks of using it as an all season car I just decided I could not do it (salt) to the poor car and parked it. The truth is that here, in Detroit, you do not see too many Vettes, SL's or XLR's on the road during the winter months. For the most part they are parked as if to say, yes, I can afford a nice sporty car and still have enough money to buy a good truck for the tough months. My wife was driving it during a snow storm once and she said the she felt as if people were looking at her thinking "why in the hell is that XLR out in this snow storm?"

06-18-09, 10:34 PM
Thanks for the replies, commander112.

That is helpful to know the XLR-V can run in the winter months. I will not drive mine in the winter but like to know if it had the capabilities to do so.