: 67 429 puffing out oil breather

06-14-09, 04:12 PM
Just bought a 67 4-door HT, 83K on car. I drove it about 200 miles home with it running very bad. It doesn't smoke out the tailpipe at all, but blowing out the oil fill breather big time. I'm going through the carb rebuild and full tune-up now and did a compression test with one cyl. 50lbs less than the rest. Any ideas??


06-14-09, 04:42 PM
Worn valve guides, but more likely worn rings. Or, both.

06-14-09, 05:29 PM
Thanks, I'm afraid I'll be pulling the motor instead of bagging. I had hoped to bag it and cruise it this summer, oh well I'm still happy with the purchase. Once I get it running again I'll have to dig deaper on the problem.

06-14-09, 05:42 PM
Try doing valve seals first before pulling the motor.

06-14-09, 08:41 PM
First thing to do is verify the PCV system is not plugged up. That old of a car , that low mileage, could have the original PCV valve. If stuck the blowby will exit thru the breather. Make sure the vacuum hose to it is also clear and pulling a strong vacuum.

06-15-09, 01:42 AM
My Dad brought up the pcv issue this evening because the vac hoses are jacked around and I need to go through the service manual CD.

Thanks and I'll be back for more knowledge:)