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King Steve
06-14-09, 12:15 PM
Ok, well I was hoping to get some more suggestions as to where we might have this, but for now I'll go with what's already been suggested. Feel free to suggest other ideas, but please at least participate if you're planning on going to the meet, so we can reach the best conclusion. Looks like 8/2 was by far the most selected day, so I'm assuming that's when we'll have the meet.

King Steve
06-14-09, 12:20 PM
And check more than one if you want, but try to check what you would prefer most, or at least comment about which one you prefer most.

King Steve
06-16-09, 11:22 PM
guys I may have had the settings on the poll where you can't see who voted which places...I didn't mean to have it like that...hope it doesnt cause too much confusion..

06-18-09, 11:09 AM
i know there was a laser tag place in mystic. That would be a great place to meet up at if im right about it.

06-18-09, 07:54 PM
I honestly don't know of a laser tag in Mystic, doesn't mean there isn't one. But I do know there is one in Waterford, Ct. The parking lot of that place also has car audio place that has a real good rep in the area.

06-20-09, 12:58 PM
Here is a list of parks in Connecticut. I have to get ready for work right now, so I didn't have time to look over to see which one would be best for us.



06-22-09, 02:22 PM
If you guys want to relocate it to NJ I work for the Park Commission... we could have it at Mercer County Park... it has 2500 acres and a load of places that would fit us along Lake Mercer for some good pictures... let me know, either way im down to go.

06-23-09, 01:41 AM
What would you be able to offer? As far as commendations or what not.

Either way, it doesn't matter to me.


06-23-09, 07:45 AM
I don't have anything to offer except a place to meet. We'd only be thirty minutes from the jersey shore if we wanted to take a cruise after.

06-23-09, 12:13 PM
If you're gonna do Mystic, go to Five Guys burgers. Right across from the aquarium. Not the biggest parking lot but check and see if the Hilton across the street will take you...

I probably can't make it, but if I did, that's where I'd go...

King Steve
06-24-09, 01:37 PM
I personally don't really want to move it down to Jersey. There was a meet down there recently that was scheduled on here, and I thought it was a little far for me which is really what prompted me to start a thread on a New England meet. I appreciate the suggestion though. And thanks Jim as well for yours...anyone know of a scenic place in Mystic to take some pics of the cars? I'd be all for having the meet somewhere (such as the suggested place or another) and then driving over to a scenic place for photos...I'm just not familiar enough with Mystic to suggest one myself. Anyone?

06-24-09, 02:13 PM
It's sooo freaken amazing that I live in the next town over from Mystic, Ledyard to be exact. Yet I do not know a thing about the area as far as scenic places or parks. I'll go travel today around the area.


06-24-09, 04:42 PM
Mystic is a charming little port right on the ocean. Just drive to the water.

06-26-09, 10:08 AM
Ok, well I drove around for nearly 3 hours this morning looking for a good place to park to take pictures.
I have three places in mind, two are in Stonington, Ct and the third is in Groton, Ct. There is a forth one in Mystic, Ct but it's in a neighborhood that is considered private property. A bunch of yacht owners and such I guess.

The first place is in Groton and is actually Uconn campus at Avery Point. If you have google earth, just type in "1084 shennecoassett Rd" then it will ask you Did you mean 1084 shennecoassett Rd groton, ct blah blah blah.

The second place is in Stonington, just type in "water st Stonington, Ct 06378" Then just scroll downwards to the point of the delta. I didn't go this place, but I just saw it on google earth and it looks like it would be pretty nice.

The third is and the end of Palmer Neck Rd Stonington, Ct. this could be a nice place. BUT it may be busy as heck on the weekend, since it has a boat launch and all. When I went there this morning, 6 24 09 Friday morning around 630 or so. It was at least 1/4 full of trucks/trailers. There is a plus, it does have portable potties.

The forth one that is in that neighbrohood in Mystic is on Masdon Island. There is a open area on the road. Just type in "Chippechaug Trail Mystic, Ct" The X will mark the spot.
I am hoping that the picture works, because this is the picture of my CTS at that Chippechaug Trail area.

I am also thinking of meeting at a restaurant to have something to eat. Since most of ya'll maybe traveling a lot longer than I would. :)

06-27-09, 12:10 AM
I just took this one tonight around 8:05 on Friday, 6-26-09. This was done at Avery Point's beach. It will be $20 to get in, unless after six pm then it's free. But like I said, I suggest going to go some place to eat first then go some place to take pictures.

I like this one because of the sun set and the light house in the background. Though I should of turned of my head lights. Oh well, next time.


King Steve
06-30-09, 03:51 PM
Thanks a lot for looking into this so thoroughly. Personally I like the look of Avery Point, and wouldn't mind the $20, but I'd probably be willing to do any of them if other people have preferences. A very crowded boat launch might not be the best idea though..

If we were to do this at Avery point, is there a nearby restaurant or something that would be good to initially meet up at?

06-30-09, 07:47 PM
There are plenty that are with in 3 to 5 miles. One that I could name off my head that everone would know is apple bees on rt 12. It's just off of I 95 too. There is a one of a kind type of eatry that is down the street a little, name of it is Groton something, again rt 12. I can get the name and look for others tomorrow. But here is a question, what time do ya'll want to meet? If you wantto meet at the eatry in afternoon to early evening, then we could go to Avery point after 6 so it would be free.


King Steve
07-03-09, 12:17 AM
Well I think it would be ideal if we could get some input from others about the time. I know someone mentioned laser tag and it looks like there is a Franco's extreme laser tag on 6 Hendel Drive in Mystic. If we had enough interest I wouldnt mind doing that first...haven't done something like that in years. I was thinking maybe if we met up there early afternoon, then afterwards went to some restaurant near Avery Point, with the plan being to go to Avery Point around 6 with the cars and take pics. What does everyone else think about that? If people don't want to do the laser tag, they could still meet up afterwards at the restaurant. Opinions? Suggestions? Confirmation??

King Steve
07-07-09, 11:15 AM
Ok well still no more feedback..we don't have to do the laser tag thing if people arent really up for it..just thought I'd entertain that suggestion. So, KOT, why don't we leave it up to you to select a restaurant near there...we can all meet up in the afternoon to grab some food, beer, etc. and what not...and then afterwards head over to Avery Point to take some pics of the cars. If anyone wants to suggest anything else either before or after that...please go ahead. But anyway, let us know the name of the restaurant you choose and we'll make an official RSVP thread with the specific location, time, etc.

07-09-09, 07:05 PM
Ok, well I've decided to have the first part of the meet at a 99 restraunt. It's about 5 to 10 minutes away from Avery point. Or rather Eastern point is the real name.

I've talked with the manager, who I happen to know his wife because I worked for her a few years ago. And he told me it wouldn't be a problem at all. All he would need is how many people and such.

I told him around 5pm on Sunday August 2nd. He would like to know how many of us is actually going to show up so that he could prepare an area just for us. Have a couple of servers come in at a different time and what not.

So could we all reply and say if we are going to make it and if so how many people.

Also, if the Red Sox plays the night before and they win. Kids 12 and under eat free....


PS, I had forgot to ask him. But Im sure that he would have a problem with it. Where I could have them rope off an area in the parking lot just for us to park our cars all together.

I will also print up a map from 99 to Eastern point for all of us.

07-10-09, 05:14 PM
I'm down! Send me the info when all finialized!

07-10-09, 10:47 PM
Ok, so I figure that we need everyone to RVSP by Thursday July 30 please. I'd like to know how many cars, then how many people with those cars. So I can contact the manager at the 99 restraunt in Groton and tell him how many parking spaces I would like to have rope off for us, and how many tables he would need.

He also wants to know this so that he could change the schedule of some servers by an hour or so. I don't know if this will work, but here is a map of their location. http://the99.know-where.com/the99/cgi/selection?option=&mapid=US&lang=en&design=default&country=&region_name=&region=&place=06339&x=0&y=0&mapx=&mapy=

If it doesn't work, just go to http://www.99restaurants.com/index.php and type in 06340 for location.

Again, I will make enough color copies of a map from 99 restaurant to Eastern Point Beach.

See ya'll there