: New Caddy Owner/ Bahamas

06-11-09, 01:06 AM
my name is Trevor, Im 22, I live in the Bahamas...I am a first time cadillac owner actually a first time American car owner....everyone through my corner has jap imports, a few RH corollas and a few tuned up ricers....2 weeks ago I imported a 01 cadillac seville sls from ft pierce, florida it is gray w/ 80k on it.....i was a BIG fan of the deville then I noticed to many ppl gettin them so i went a diff route and ordered the seville...when it first came i was kinda disappointed because it was to "square" for me but as soon as i hopped in I liked the inside and when i drove it seemed sluggish because im use to responsive transmissions from jap imports...my friend who had a deville showed me how to get the power out of it and since then ive fallen inlove and beaten the two cars Ive raced so far (00 Honda Legend & Oldsmobile Aurora) I cant wait to take it on the tracks this sunday to race it against the tuners...wish me luck

06-11-09, 09:13 AM
Good luck!

06-11-09, 10:09 AM
:welcome5: to the forums. Thanks for signing up, and good luck at the track. :D

06-11-09, 10:35 AM
:cowboy: Howdy.

06-11-09, 11:13 AM
Welcome to the forum! :wavehi:

06-11-09, 11:49 AM
THX EVERYONE here is a pic of my seville

06-11-09, 01:16 PM
:welcome: and congrats on the great car!

06-11-09, 05:43 PM
Greetings and salutations.

06-11-09, 08:48 PM
:thumbsup: Nice ride!