: someone plz respond legal issues

07-16-04, 11:55 PM
ok i was taking my trip to ga from jersey and it all went good up until i came back. i made it to maryland and a mustang cop pulled me over for a seat belt ticket. come to find out my license for jersey was suspended. i didn';t know it was suspended that soon i thought i still have 2 weeks.. but anyway cop said he wasn't going to arrest me if i let my friend drive.. which was fine... he kept asking questions about if i had any drugs or weapons in the car.. well he brought out the drug dog and took it around my car.. the dog was alerted on my back pass door.. scratched my paint all to hell.. so they pulled us out of the car and searched us.. then they searched the car.. took my glovebox out etc.. pulled my brand new radio i just put in the day before out by the faceplate.. broke the install kit i had.. they went through everything we had in teh car... one cop pulled my back seat up.. and on a 91 caddy they don't just pull up.. and he broke it.. then they had the dog go back through the car again and found nothing.. dog wasn't alerted again... dog jumped in my trunk and i guess scuffed my new subwoofers i had in the trunk.. i jsut put the system in the day before while i was in ga... 7 cops stopped me on interstate 95. 3 drug dogs... i finally got a ticket for seatbelt which is $25 no biggy and a ticket for driving with a suspended out of state license which is a court apearence... is there anyway i can get the damages that were done to my car paid for or am i screwed... also what do you thnk will happen when i go to court for the suspended license... the cops just left it like that and said "it is about to rain you had better put everything back"

07-17-04, 12:27 AM
best thing to do is call a local attorney and see if they know how to handle this situation, as it may differ from state to state. if they do not, im sure they can direct you to the right personel to do so. good luck.

07-17-04, 12:52 AM
Good Ol Georgia , i hate that area with a passion due to their law enforcement .

Going thru there i go 2-5 mph under the limit headlamps on ,radar detector in the trunk ,windows down and never change lanes (right lane)

the only other law enforcement thats worse is the Pasco County Sheriif here , there armed with cordless screwdrivers . Hell for 4 weeks they had 2 speed limit signs up at each spot instaed of just one , one would say 55 the other 45 . This was done in a construction zone where fines are doubled but there was no work done on that road and none schedualed. the storys i could tell ......

07-17-04, 01:08 AM
i dont know if you can be re-imbursed for damages to your vehicle.. but i'd sure try.. crazy ass dog. I know all about GA police.. you go threw a rest stop @ 80 MPH in a 'borrowed' van becuase you think its an exit and they wanna harrass a brother. damn the man. oh yeah, thats not cool.. see what can be done about it. sounds liek a bunch of backwoods richards. yeehaw

07-17-04, 02:35 AM
Man that bites. A friend of mine got pulled aside at the Canada US boarder years ago and had his car taken apart for "suspected drugs" (door panles , etc...). It was a long time ago and I don't remember any damage to the vehicle (a Camaro) done , but I do remember he was responsible for putting the car back together. Never checked into the true legalities , he just did it.

You may have some recourse as there was damage done. Hopefully you have before and after pictures as well as receipts and damage estimates and most importanlty a really good laywer (which may cost more than the repairs would :banghead: ..... I feel for ya)

Let us know how it turns out.

DopeStar 156
07-18-04, 03:12 PM
Those bastards! I swear man if they DON'T fix your car I'll organize a march on that god damn station and demand it be fixed! That's complete and utter crap!

07-18-04, 03:31 PM
The only reason they did that is because you're a Yankee. They see New Jersey or New York plates and the xenophobia alarms go off (fear of outsiders or foreigners). I knew a NYC cop who got pulled over in Georgia. He showed the cop his badge hoping to get some leincy and the cop threw his badge across the highway. So much for professionalism.

You could try to sue for damages, but good luck, I doubt you'd get anywhere, especially since you're a northern city boy down there with those corrupt ass cops and politians. There was absolutely no reason for them to tear your car up like that. If they believed there were drugs or contraband in the car they should have towed it to a police garage and had a mechanic disassemble everything. Damn Southerners.

07-18-04, 03:36 PM
He didnt look like this guy did he ?

07-18-04, 04:14 PM
i got pulled over in maryland not georgia.. on the way back from my vacation.. ruined the whole trip

07-18-04, 04:21 PM
or this?

07-18-04, 10:20 PM
ROTFLAMO....im starting to belive we think alike

sorry to poke fun at your plight dude , i really hope something can be done

Untill then go get some NWA "F*&^ da Police" and jam down with windows open past speed traps(yes ive done this) that should help !

07-18-04, 11:14 PM
Um, well did they have probable cause to search your vehicle, no and that means your rights were violated! Did you tell them they could search the vehicle if so well your rights were still violated. Also, your car was vandalized by some idiots, sue them hard you will win. Get a good devoted attorney, they will take care of you.

DopeStar 156
07-18-04, 11:18 PM
Do it man, call a f*@#%$in' lawyer tomorrow!

07-19-04, 12:47 AM
Actually the first issue is whether or not had the officer had the right to search. I worked on an aclu case like this. Basically there is a similar case in the supreme court as we speak, but essentialy yes once a dog hits, the cops can conduct a search regardless of anything else. Now secondly, i do think you can be reimbursed for some of the damages, however you will need to hire a lawyer, no non-profits will take up such a case. Oh and as to the supreme court case, the issue will probably be how long it took the dogs to arrive not illegal search but illegal detainment

07-19-04, 11:13 AM
A well-trained drug dog doesn't act like that. They're supposed to just sit by the door if they smell something. That kind of behavior is more of a bomb dog's reaction, possibly a search & rescue dog, or else a dog trained by an amateur.

CTSAMG knows this stuff. But the thing I would investigate is the certification of the dog. From what I understand there is a process they have to go through and some tests they have to pass. This dog's behavior is suspect to me.

It's probably going to cost you more money to pursue this than it will to fix the car.

07-19-04, 02:13 PM
Next time, wear your freakin seat belt :rolleyes2 , drive closer to the speed limit and turn down those speakers! Maybe then you won't give them a reason to pull you over!

As for damages, I'd say you could pursue it, but it might cost you more than it's worth. Live and learn, dude!

07-19-04, 03:13 PM
btw i didnt think that they could pull you over in maralynd for no seatbelt i thought that had to be tacked onto another violation, not sure but that may be true

07-19-04, 03:54 PM
btw i didnt think that they could pull you over in maralynd for no seatbelt i thought that had to be tacked onto another violation, not sure but that may be true

The seatbelt laws are changing, now a lot of states let them pull you over for no seat belt. It used to be a municipal thing, I got a ticket in Memphis for no seat belt once. The cop was stalking me in a parking lot and I hadn't been on a public street for more than 1/10th of a mile before he got me.

07-19-04, 04:07 PM
there albe to pull you over for no seatbelt in florida now , they dont need to nail you for one moving violation to get the belt anymore

but yet you can ride a motorcycle without a helmet ......

07-19-04, 05:53 PM
there albe to pull you over for no seatbelt in florida now , they dont need to nail you for one moving violation to get the belt anymore

but yet you can ride a motorcycle without a helmet ......

No, I dont think that passed the senate or house??? Last I heard on the news, the COP's werent happy about that. I live in East Pasco, FL by the way.

Now, about that damage, yes, I would definately take them to court, sue them for damage, and attorney fee's. Get a lawyer, they will give you the "Free Consultation" generally, and if they find it to be legit, they will go after it.

If a COP pulled me over and asked to run the dog, I would be ok with it, depending on circumstances, as long as I get pulled over for speeding, etc...But, to damage your car, and tell you to put it back together, thats an insult and slap in the face. I have never done any drugs, nor would I knowingly allow anyone with drugs to board my car. I would be angry, knowing that I dont have any drugs in my car, and some COP is tearing it apart.

How ever, someone did point something out, there are corrupt COP's and agencies out there. Some times, it can be their word against yours. If theres 1 or 2 cops there, and your the only one in the car, and something happens, well they can always have their word against you...

But tearing off the door panels, damaging them, I dont think so. Thats like having them tear the tire of your rim because you might have drugs in there, or tearing parts out from your engine compartment. Not to mention, the backseat wasnt designed to come off, they cant do that.

There is realistic and unrealistic searches.

Realistic, getting in the car, looking through supplies, items, belongings, "lifting up rear seat", etc...

Unrealistic, tearing panels off, tearing the car up, etc...Use your common sense, if it doesnt look or feel right, its not. Next time, if this happens, If its a County COP, try and call a state trooper, vice versa. For what ever reason, I dont know...

07-19-04, 07:04 PM
Raining Zig Zags ? hahaha you sure you didnt have some herb in the car?

07-20-04, 11:54 PM
lol if i had some i would know it.. i haven't touched that stuff in about 2 years now... and i bought the car back in last august i believe so there should be no reason what so ever that there is anything in it.. i bought the car off my dad. and he is hte type of person that hates smoking and drinking.. so i dunno... i come tot eh conclusions cops are *****s

07-20-04, 11:55 PM
i take that back... most cops are *****s

07-21-04, 03:16 AM
That sucks..........I have a summer motel operation along the US-Canadian border right next to the 1000 Islands bridge to Canada.
I can't count the number of times someone would show up at my motel with their vehicle torn to pieces by US or Canadian customs gestapo !
They rip and tear up a vehicle..find NADA...and tell you TOO F*****G Bad,
so sorry, you can leave now !
And there is not a DARN thing you can do about it !

What REALLY sucks is if your a long hair, ANY minority or person of color
they WILL bust your balls ! Really blows....I see it a LOT when I roll over
the border to go to the Casino and stop at the duty free store for tax free
booze and cigs.
Some of those customs A-Holes are racist B******S tho!

But ME ? I am a old white "blue hair" with my girl rolling in the Caddy and never have a problem! ...........geo :hmm:
Sure sucks for some folks tho..................geo

07-21-04, 05:35 AM
btw i didnt think that they could pull you over in maralynd for no seatbelt i thought that had to be tacked onto another violation, not sure but that may be true
that would be va only. Both dc and md require seat belts