: Took"trip" to "local Caddy dealer" 2-day, and WOW

07-16-04, 09:49 PM
I took the trip to my "local" Caddy dealer today (in the Town Car :bouncy: .)
My REAL local dealer (5 miles away closed up after 53 years. Condos now. ) So, my next "local" dealer is 21 miles away on a major highway. Sheesh what a trip! Glad I didn't buy there. Traffic ties ups and all that !!
WHAT WAS ON THE FLOOR? W-O-W! You guys woulda loved it! A Pewter XLR, next to an STX Silver loaded top model, next to a black Escalade, tricked out with 20" rims in chrome, and DVD and more, next to a CTS-V is Black, with rims and DVD and because they also sell Pontiacs, a beautiful dark purple G.T.O. It was overcoming to see those 5 cars side-by-side. I looked around and said HI to a couple of salesmen I know from way back in 1996 when I left the business. They had 2 other CTS-V in stock, both silver. No other XLR or GTO. I liked best the "V" car and the paint color on the GTO

07-16-04, 10:30 PM
Don''t tell me you went to the dealer for a part for the Sixty?!?! Personally, I've only seen one XLR in person...just sitting on the street downtown late one night in front of a yuppie bar.

07-16-04, 11:33 PM

I DID go to purchase a brand new battery for the "Sixty" ~ 7 & 1/2 years old and no longer holding a charge, BUT BUT I coulda gotten it at the in-town Buick dealer here (5 minutes away) ~ ~ but I decided to travel over "hill & dale" Way past gramdmother's house and thru the woods and onto the interstate at up to 68 MPH and all that to my "local" Caddy, Pontiav, GMC dealer, to fetch the batttery and say "HI" to sme old friends trying to sling the merchandise.

07-17-04, 11:23 AM
I can't go back to my former jobs...its to weird. I'd do it just to get the store director nervous though...he was completely afraid of me! And then he comes into my store and tries to act all cool with me so I had to bust him out and make him look like a total ass in front of his fellow managers! That would be the only reason I'd go back...to do it again.

07-20-04, 04:04 AM
I sat in an XLR. Its so edgy yet cozy and comfy at the same time. I dig it. All the controls are right where I expect and want them to be.

I also saw a few in the last couple months driving around. Or maybe I'm seeing the same one. :P

07-20-04, 08:29 AM
The XLR comes in 2 "silvers" ~ Well, one a true silver & the other a pewter (or grey-ish) silver. Everyone I see on the road is SILVER, and unless they are side-by-side you cannot tell if it's the Silver *OR* the Pewter !! :hmm: Therefore, I too cannot really tell how many I've really seen, or if it's the same 2 or 3 I keep seeing over & over.
I personally like the blue color the best. I've seen 1 blue on the road and 1 red and untold silver-pewter ones.