: temperature problem or just my paranoia?

06-07-09, 12:47 AM
just got back from a very enjoyable midnight drive thru the backroads, and i noticed that the temperature under my dashboard is a lot greater than anywhere else in the car. i checked all the vents, and my heater wasnt on, tho i ran my defogger for a few minutes before i noticed the heat. i assume the heat is from the engine. to me it just seems like on an hours drive in 60 degree weather i shouldnt be feeling the heat from the engine inside the car. (my one gripe is theres no actual gauges to tell me what the engine is doing, it just waits for there to actually be a problem and let you know then.) no warning lights came on, and the car kept running fine, but im wondering if its running a bit hot?

06-07-09, 02:54 AM
Actually, you were feeling ram air, literally. Even though the blower is off there is still air being forced into the car from moving forward. Its not a lot but it there is some. However, even if the blower is off, the climate control center will attempt to keep the temperate in the car at what is selected. This means that on a cool night like what you were driving in the doors in the air distribution system were set for heat causing hot air to come out the floor vents. Its just the way the system was designed. If you do the same thing on a hot day you can feel some air coming out the dash vents when you are driving. You are just paranoid.

06-07-09, 03:11 AM
thanks, thats a load off my mind. i get very paranoid about the slightest things with my car that im not already aware of. not only is my pride and joy, but my only transportation!