View Full Version : 2001 deville misfire

06-05-09, 02:19 AM
I was driving about 40 when the car shut off. Dtc was "a" cranck shaft sensor. The car started right back up. I drove it home, cleared the code and let it idle for about 20 minutes to see it the same code would pop up. No code, but the engine started idling really rough. Then i got the engine running rich codes. Changed both upper and lower crankshaft sensors. Started up fine. I drove it around town shifted great. Then when i come to a stop it is idling really rough like it wants to stall, engine shakes and I can feel it in the car. Maf sensor has been changes recently but if i unplug it, the car seems to level out. I did not do the engine read procedure after crankshaft installation. Any suggestions, Thanks

06-05-09, 08:44 AM
This is a double post which has been answered up in Deville. ..:thepan: