: Failing to turn on sporadically

06-04-09, 12:30 PM
On my 94 fleetwood i have been experiencing a problem that im not sure what its caused by. On any given day my car starts right up. after driving around to run errands, my fleetwood starts to hesitate at start up. usually i will just go under the car and tap the starter with a hammer a few times and that fixes it. Sometimes if i continue to turn the car on and off again, it wont start up again unless i boost it. any ideas? I want to get some ideas as to what to look for.

also, does anyone know where i can find a haynes or chilton for these years (94-96 fleetwoods)? i've looked online and only have found for caprices and impalas.

06-04-09, 03:27 PM
defanitly check eBay you should be able to find one. Several people posted this same problem in these past few weeks including myself, I sure hope we come up with an answer

06-04-09, 05:08 PM
Hot engine, no start conditions are usually cause by a problem called Heatsinking. It is more come to have this problem with the ignition coils, but since you can start the car if you whack the starter, then the starter could be going. A quick remedy that might get you a few more years from the starter, is to install a heat shield around it or wrap it in an insulation that is made to stand up to engine block temperatures.

As for the shop manual, I highly recommend getting the OEM factory book, over a Chilton. There are several on eBay (http://shop.ebay.com/items/?_nkw=1994+cadillac+fleetwood+service+manual&_sacat=0&_trksid=p3286.m270.l1313&_odkw=1994+cadillac+brougham+service+manual&_osacat=0).

06-04-09, 10:31 PM
the next time it does this.. just leave the key in the on position 30 seconds and see if the PASS KEY FAULT light goes out... and if it does... when you go to start it, does it start to flash? and not start? what I have found when the wires in to the key start to break... when your starting , turn the key very slowly.. and it will start...if its not the wires in the pass key it could be the starter....

06-05-09, 12:10 PM
Thanks fellas. Sven you mentioned that this problem is usually seen on the ignition coils, could it be that the optispark is going out? I don't think my car has ignition coils.

06-05-09, 02:31 PM
Thanks fellas. Sven you mentioned that this problem is usually seen on the ignition coils, could it be that the optispark is going out? I don't think my car has ignition coils.

If I'm right, your car has the Optispark distributor system, which, like all modern ignition systems, uses an ignition coil. All electronics are susceptible to heatsinking, but since you were able to get the car started without letting the engine cool, the ignition coil can be ruled out. In most cases, there is no way of starting th car until the coils cool off, and the problem more or less pertains to spark coils that sit on the valve covers.


Toyota Coil On Plug ignition system

06-07-09, 11:45 PM
My 2 cents, its started related. I've seen this on my GM truck with a similar started. Check the wiring at the starter, is it frayed or is the insulation coming off. If so, you have to see if the wiring is the problem alone or if it has caused shorting to the starter. The symptoms you mentioned fit this situation, especially the on and off starting and starting and then not starting after running for awhile.

06-08-09, 06:41 PM
I went to the local auto parts store and they gave me a solenoid shield that they said would work...well it didn't cuz it didn't even fit! after taking it back i bought some heat shielding tape that says protects up to 1500F. Taped up the starter and solenoid, put it back together and took it out....still no go. when i looked at the wires, they didn't look frayed or feel stiff. i guess im gonna have to break down and buy another starter.