: Help With Code 39 Tcc Off

07-16-04, 11:28 AM
I Am A Newcomer To This Site. I Have Recenty Bought A 1995 Seville Sls. The Check Engine Light Came On, So I Took It To The Local Dealership. I Was Told That We Got A Code 39 Tcc Off. They Quoted A Very High Price To Fix. The Car Is Not Shifting Into Overdrive. (4000 To 5000 Rpm @ Highway Speeds). By The Way The Car Has 81,000 Miles.

Should I Trust This Repair To Joes Transmissions Or Pay The Bucks For The Dealership Price??

Any Input Is Helpful

07-17-04, 01:01 AM
Well....just a wild guess but it sounds like the trans is stuck in second gear....that would be the default mode if the trans is not seeing signals from the PCM or if one of the shift solenoids in the transmission were to be failed. My hunch would be that it is just a shift solenoid in the trans. They are relatively accessible in the bottom pan and can be replaced with the trans in the car by removing the lower pan, valve body and changing the shift solenoids on the valve body once it is on the bench. There is a service retrofit kit for the shift solenoids that includes a reinforcing bracket to prevent the plastic body of the shift solenoids from cracking.

I would address the reason that the trans is not shifting and the code 39 may be cleared up in the process.....

Find a decent trans shop that knows how to replace the shift solenoids in a 4T80E transmission and ask them to do that.

07-19-04, 12:10 PM
Thanks For The Imput. The Tech. At The Dealership Mentioned The Torque Converter. He Never Mentioned The Shift Solenoids. I Know Very Little About This Stuff. Could That Be Why The High Price Quote?