: Alarm will go off everytime door is opened unless I open trunk first.

06-03-09, 10:00 PM
Alarm will go off everytime door is opened unless I open trunk first. The alarm sets itself when the doors close. I bought it like this.

00 Deville
06-03-09, 11:58 PM
Read your owners manual concerning arming the security system. I know the security system is set when you lock the doors with the remote i believe there is a second way to set it also. Until you get it figured out you should be able to lock the doors without setting the security system. This is done the "Old School" way of manually pushing the door lock plunger down on each individual door. There may be another way to manually lock the car without arming the security system read your owners manual for the procedure.

You could also try changing the position of the valet switch located inside the glove box. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable on the security system will chime in.

Chris Luongo
06-10-09, 08:29 AM
New member to the forum, but I'm a professional alarm/remote start installer.

Probably, the switch attached to the key cylinder on the driver's door is defective, disconnected, or somehow misaligned or misadjusted.

You'll need a test light or multimeter (and the knowledge to use it), as well as the necessary tools to remove the door panel.

1. Remove driver's door panel.

Inside, attached to the door, you'll see a black box......this is the Driver's Door Module, or DDM for short.

Also, peel back some of the plastic water barrier near the area of the outside door handle.

2. Locate a light green wire, coming from the backside of the driver's door key cylinder, and going to the DDM.

3. Test this wire. It's supposed to make a ground every time you turn the key in the outside lock cylinder to the "unlock" position.

4. If the wire doesn't test correctly, look for a break in the wire, a defective key cylinder switch, or if the switch has somehow come loose or misaligned.