View Full Version : Northstar Valve seals?

06-02-09, 05:58 PM
Can they be installed while heads are still on or do the heads need to be removed?:shhh: I've noticed some oil smoke upon long downhill deceleration when adding throttle to continue. This is the only time I see some smoke. The car has new pcv, and will rip the tires loose so I don't believe there is any major problems with her. :eye::rimshot:

06-02-09, 06:21 PM
Well, you could do it, with the special valve seal tool, and with air pressure applied to the spark plug hole to keep the valves closed, but you obviously need to remove the cams, which means you need to use the special tool to keep the chain tensioners compressed. Either that, or you will need to remove the timing case cover to depress the tensioners and re-time the engine

06-02-09, 08:26 PM
Is there anyone in the Southern Ct. Area anyone could recommend for this ? Can this be done in a day or will it need more time?:bigroll::hmm:

06-03-09, 12:58 PM
I think it would take 1 full day. Why not just leave it alone, if it is running well otherwise? Then replace the seals when the HGs go and the heads have to come off anyway.

06-03-09, 01:52 PM
Could it be possible that a Northstar may run forever without ever needing HGs?:bomb: :burn: I need not say more since i'm superstitious :yup::shhh:

06-03-09, 03:13 PM
A '96? I doubt it.

All I can say is, in my experience, my original '97 ETC engine was replaced under warranty for case porosity, the replacement, new '97 engine was replaced years later, with a used '97 engine, due to blown HG, and that replacement used engine blew the HGs 2 years later. I repaired the engine with inserts and so far, so good. My father's 2000 DTS original engine was replaced after about a year due to case porosity. Let's hope that engine holds up - the engine's got about 50K miles on it, and that car is mine now (Dad got a 2008 DTS). I don't relish the thought of another HG job, but I would do it if I had to.

Richard Moore