: Main studs?

06-02-09, 05:48 PM
well i ordered all my parts with the exception of a few that napa or its suppliers don't carry. have to wait a few days until my paypal lets me spend enough money to get the head studs.

for main bolts i was told its a good idea to use timeserts or even the norms inserts to avoid pulling the threads on torquing the mains down.
is there any place that has a set of main studs available for the northstar?
i called arp and they dont have anything but if i give them the main cap thickness, bore depth, and thread size/pitch.

or does anybody have those dimensions off hand that i could send to ARP to get me some studs?

06-02-09, 06:32 PM
Hi Mike, I just spoke with you on the phone a few minutes ago. How long can you hang on with this? I can probably get a set CNC machined for you.

Now the question is, if I got some oversized studs (similar to the head studs), would you be willing to drill out and tap the block for all 20 main studs? Or did you want to keep the stock threads in the bottom. The stock size won't work if any of the holes are stripped.

06-02-09, 11:02 PM
wait there is and issue with the main bolt threads too? Myn all came out clean and they all cracked when I broke them loose.

06-02-09, 11:27 PM
I've only seen it once and that was a parts engine I was stripping down. Lucky it wasn't a customer's engine. The threads came out with the bolt. I've snapped a few of those bolts trying to remove them, but once they snap, they will turn out by tapping them counter-clockwise with a punch and mallet. The odd time you'll have to tape up the block, drill into the bolt and use a bolt extractor. This is a common thing, as AJ and I can both tell you.

If there was enough of a demand I would bring a stud kit on the market to take place of the main bolts. Also was thinking of doing one for the camshaft caps- but this is usually unnecessary. Studs are better than bolts though, regardless of what you're working on.

I wish there were more people using these engines in kit cars, hot rods, and even trucks for that matter. The way these engines run, well, they're just amazing. Cadillac, if you can hear us, WE NEED A 6.0 LITER NORTHSTAR V8 FOR OUR TRUCKS! That would be sweet....

06-03-09, 01:15 PM
i'll drill and tap the block if need be. dont want to wait too too long with the engine disassembled in my garage. but like i said yesterday i wont be getting the engine until next week at the earliest. only plan on spending a couple hours here and there working on it, still have to work and have a life. haha
how long do you figure you would be able to have them finished by?

i dont think any of the holes will be stripped but i'd just like it do it the right way the first time instead of going to bolt it all up and then pull the threads and have to disassemble the entire block again.

06-03-09, 03:14 PM
Mike I'm working on it. I have a 2000 block that had thrown a rod, there's the testing block.

I can use 7/16" and it will pass through the lower case half but it is a tight squeeze. Tight is good, as long as everything is correctly aligned. I'll keep posting with the progress.

06-04-09, 02:02 PM
ok sounds good.
thanks alot man