: Issues with chrome trim!

06-02-09, 04:33 PM
The chrome trim around the sides of my hood is starting to separate from the body. The tailfins are also starting to pull away from the vinyl filler. Anyone with ideas on how to fix this problem.



Angry Matt
06-02-09, 06:51 PM
The fins look great. You're not going to get them perfect and tight. If you want to try to get them better, it's a matter of shimming the whole bumper, or to tighten it would mean taking out shims (if there are any in there). Worst case, take the bumper off, knock in the mounts with a mallet, then put it back together. Have someone help you to shim it. It'll be a LOT easier. Yours looks very straight, so try to put the same amount of shim in the top and the bottom thats currently in there. If you're pulling in the fins, the center of the bumper will move too. Personally I wouldn't touch them unless they were crooked or loose.