: Fiberglass Trunk enclosures

06-02-09, 02:49 PM
Has anyone ever made fiberglass trunk enclosures for their 2000 up Devilles? I want to make a pair for my trunk to fit in the rear quarter panel area on either side of my trunk, I just wanted to know if someone has already done it and if they have pics to look at. I already have a plan in my head for this, I have put the plans down on paper, and I have started construction, but im also debating on whether or not to use the factory molded carpet as an actual part of the enclosure or to cover it in plastic and just use it to make a mold of what I want.:hmm:

06-26-09, 09:48 PM
I have no pics but its better to have the inner linging of the trunk carpet there in case so fiberglass and resin doesn't leak down the insides of the car. Do your homework and pratice before you actually start your project so it will look nice . Make sure ur cubic space is also correct.