: Silly question I should already know the answer too!

06-01-09, 10:53 PM
Ok I should already know the answer to this question considering the number of installs I have done...
I just moved my nice aftermarket HU into my new to me 95 STS along with 4 new speakers, eliminating the stock Bose system. I noticed that since I went from a small quite shoe box to this large car my system does not sound as loud as it did in my old car, partly because I am driving with the sunroof open all the time. My speakers sound like they are distorting at about 3/4 volume on my HU, I never had to turn it up so much before. The speakers are rated at 150 RMS, 330 peak, my HU is pushing 200 watts total to all four. Could it be that the HU is just pushing as hard as it can and thats where the distortion is coming from or are my speakers junk? If I add a 4 way amp will it fix the problem or just make it alot worse?

95 STS
98 Sentra SR20DET
05 FZ-1

06-02-09, 04:09 AM
Well, you do know the answer. If you look at the specs for your head unit, that wattage rating is probably a peak rating that is definitely nothing but a number. Most head units, due to size and heat dissipation issues, in reality, only put out 10-25 watts RMS.....real power. With efficient speakers, that may be enough to get by on, but an external amp will definitely give you what you are looking for. Does your head unit have the proper pre-amp outputs already to feed an amp? Or are you stuck with speaker level outputs? There are hundreds of choices......have fun.

06-02-09, 07:59 AM
I'd say an amp would help =)

06-10-09, 10:24 AM
You are going to have to run an amp. You are noticing clipping when you turn your HU up that high. As said previously, any head unit will only put out maybe 25watts RMS, you are thinking about peak numbers which are completely worthless.

06-14-09, 10:40 AM
Not sure about a 95 but let me explain my 02 for you. If it is the same it will answer your question. I installed an Alpine hu in my car. The interface works through the stock amp (non Bose). The stock speakers were 2 ohm units. If your set up is the same and your new speakers are 4 ohms then you basically cut the applied power in half. A set of 2 ohm speakers is the answer.


07-18-09, 12:19 PM
hey trickstr i been trying to find out if i have to run new speaker wire if i replace my bose hu with a aftermarket hu. i was wondering if you could help me with the question if i have to run new speaker wires to the speakers. i want to replace all the speakers in my 94 but i posted a thread and nobody seems to want and help me out.