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07-16-04, 01:01 AM
Today on the 57 Freeway, north bound out of Orange County, about 6PM I saw my first V. Man this car looks great going down the road!
It was black and I could not tell if the rims were stock or after market, only that they were chromed.
Man this car looks good going down the road!

07-16-04, 01:03 AM
Saw my first actually driving (2nd overall) going to Point Pleasant Beach on the NJ Shore last week.

Chuck C
07-16-04, 09:40 AM
Saw my first black V earlier this summer, but last week was the first time I saw and cruised with a silver V. Man, that thing is beautiful coming up the road, following me, going around me, and passing me :D.

07-16-04, 08:18 PM
I saw my first V when I met lasstss a week or so ago.

07-29-04, 02:26 AM
I finally saw another ONE, other than mine on the road !
Northbound 19th Ave. (CA-1) @ Lincoln, 7:45pm tonight, Black with delivery paper (dealer logo) plate.


07-29-04, 06:26 AM
I saw one in Castro Valley near the HWY 580 on ramp. It looked like an old lady driving it (Silver).

07-29-04, 01:11 PM
I saw a silver one eastbound 190th street in redondo beach on monday...
I know it was not Dark Knight cause his is black (unless he had it painted overnight)

Who has the new silver one in redondo beach?


07-29-04, 04:17 PM
Did you say Newport Beach on Sunday?
That was ME!

Dark Knight
07-29-04, 05:20 PM
Hey Reed There is a Silver V I see parked in front of the Real Estate Office near the Post Office on PCH near Manhattan Beach Blvd.

07-29-04, 06:09 PM
I saw a black one in my garage last night. :rofl:

Dgtal (dgtalpimp@pimpdaddy.com)