: Very Sad to see GM file for Bankruptcy protection

06-01-09, 10:08 PM
I can't believe GM is in Bankruptcy and the stock is selling at $.87 Cents.

How could this have happened???

I feel for all the employees, families, and folks in Detroit who undoubtedly are uneasy about the future.

06-02-09, 09:47 AM
I can't believe GM is in Bankruptcy and the stock is selling at $.87 Cents.

How could this have happened???

I feel for all the employees, families, and folks in Detroit who undoubtedly are uneasy about the future.

I agree, but I for one believe GM is going to survive and make some great vehicles - if only the media would stop their biased reporting. I just bought the wife a 2009 Cadillac SRX - WE LOVE IT. My son is picking up his 2010 Camaro SS tomorrow (trading in his 2005 Cadillac STS which has been FLAWLESS) and I'll be looking to trade in my 2006 vette for a newer Z06 later this fall.

I'm tried of all the GM bashing and will do my part to support them as they restructure. They may not be "your father's GM" but I believe they will come out of this mess producing desiable world-class vehicles.


c5 rv
06-02-09, 12:21 PM
GM has been unable to turn things around outside of bk protection. Let's hope that filing for chapter 11 protection provides them with the new start they need.

Professor Wizard
06-02-09, 12:39 PM
I don't know about great vehicles.. but they do make good ones.

I do feel for the people who work for GM - - and even more so for those smaller companies that are going to get stiffed in the bankruptcy.

I have no compassion what-so-ever for the leadership of GM!

GM was KING of the Hill for YEARS... and simply thought because they were, they would stay so. They stopped being innovative and inventive. They started running on a platform with minimal change for as long as 15 years! 10 years with most!

Then, in the 70's... the markets changed and people (the population as a whole!), wanted more efficient, better built, more styling cars, and the overseas companies stepped up to the plate while the US makers did NOT!

and here we are today!

The ONLY reason the Big Three are here at all today, is because of that percentage of population that wants to "Buy American"! If it weren't for them, things would be very very different today. (Not to mention those Die Hard - Chevy/Dodge/Ford Fans!)

I hope GM comes out of this a much better car company. However, if they don't change their ways, they will NOT pull out! I personally have little hope for GM unless they completely change all the Exec's in charge! as the old team will just lead in the same direction they always have!

I bought my 09 SRX to "Help out". It was time to trade out of my Audi. I also bought an 05 Mustang GT Vert back in 05. My prior cars were a BMW 325i Vert and an Audi Allroad Wagon/Crossover. Let me tell you when it comes to engineering, fit and finish, form and function, amenities in included - My US made cars don't even come into the same universe as those cars. Now that I own US Cars, I can clearly understand why the US companies can not compete in today's environment.

Every day I drive my SRX I find another thing that makes me think- WTF, WHY did the leave that out/off!

GM was busy removing features completely, or charging extra for them - while at the same time the competition was adding features and even making them standard.

Now don't get me wrong - I do indeed like my SRX. HOWEVER - had it not been for me wanting to Help a troubled US Car Maker out - I would have bought another Audi, because feature for feature - the Audi blows the Caddy out of the water for the same price.

What is really sad, is Audi is "Just another car company" overseas! it isn't even considered a Luxury Company in Germany. and yet Cadillac is considered the Premier Luxury US Company! Sad when an Everyday Car Company has more feature rich cars then a Luxury Car Company!

06-02-09, 01:59 PM
My next cars won't be GM (or Chrysler). I don't buy into the "patriotic duty" to buy a car from a company run by the Government and the Union. I would have much rather had GM fail, someone buy up assets, and start over without the overreaching hands of Uncle Sam. It really is a sad day. I've owned 6 GM cars in my 16 years of driving, 1 Chrysler, and 1 Audi. I'm looking elsewhere next time. I like my SRX, really like my G8, but as someone else mentioned, they were always cutting corners or making excuses instead of making a full-featured product. The 2nd gen CTS may be the only no-excuses car GM built, and it was too little too late. I wish the employees the best of luck, but I can't support Fascism in any form.

06-03-09, 06:48 AM
change, adapt, and survive; or die. It's rule of life.
I wish good luck to all families impacted. This is inevitable.

06-03-09, 09:15 AM
From what I have been reading it isn't just GM having problems. The whole automotive industry is reeling.
Even the media's precious Toyota is feeling some pain right now.

GM will emerge a better and stronger company.

06-03-09, 11:10 AM
From what I have been reading it isn't just GM having problems. The whole automotive industry is reeling.
Even the media's precious Toyota is feeling some pain right now.

GM will emerge a better and stronger company.

Agreed, GM will be better.

I think first order is trim up top and get the labour in check, welcome to the real world boys.

06-09-09, 10:28 AM
Way back in the early 70's a Chevy was not a Ford, blah blah.. One morning, while in the midst of removing the front wheel of'n a new Harley Superglide I noticed Showa stamped on the inner fork. Shahzamit! Everyone in the shop clamors round the bike stand, investigates and well, there was lots of made in Japan parts on this All American, "BUY USA" motorcycle!! So much for that hype.
Any geezers remember "Planned Obsolescence?" where the designers of the padded dash figured out how to make the dash crack within 5 years. Fast forward to today.
My SRX is assembled in Mexico. So what. The DLS has come stock for a few years with heated and cooled front seats stock. Yet, no butt ac in the SRX!
Point is, decisions by someone end up as obvious mess ups for we the consumer. After reading this forum a few times a Cadillac owner has to at least entertain the thought "I wunder how long after 50,000 miles is mah Cadillac SRX gonna fall apart?!"
Maybe if GM had dropped Saturn, Buick and Pontiac and instead focused on making excellent Chevys and outstanding Cadillacs they wouldn't be at this point on the road.
In the end, the auto workers and their families await the foreclosure, while the GM top brass await the corporate jet.:cool:

06-09-09, 01:53 PM
In the end, the auto workers and their families await the foreclosure, while the GM top brass await the corporate jet.:cool:

Dude, really?

The union has no part in this deal?

c5 rv
06-09-09, 05:11 PM
My SRX is assembled in Mexico.

Unless you have a 2010 SRX, I believe it is made in Lansing, MI on the same line as the CTS and STS.

06-09-09, 07:12 PM
I guess I coulda been more specific in my observation of the current GM mess. OK, bring the union factor into the equation.
Just think of how things coulda shoulda woulda been without a union.
Besides, the union had no hand in the design or marketing of the products, only the labor costs.

And as a former teachers "association" rep in the great right to work state of Texas, I'm well aware of the double edged shadow cast by a long time, well entrenched union, er, organization.

I'm a Chevy kinda hombre. Always have been, always will be. I guess my real beef is the why of since the technology was available, why the heck didn't GM put an a/c system in my two front seats?! :banghead:

And an oops goes out to my cousins in Lansing, Michigan. During a garage session on GM's woes, someone mentioned my Cat being assembled in Mexico as an example of out sourcing. Also mentioned was GM 6 cylinder powerplants coming from China.. :hmm:

Professor Wizard
06-10-09, 02:23 PM
All I can say is - "Made in the USA" really means "Assembled in the USA from parts produced over seas"!

The US has lost it's 1901 Worlds Fair Title of Manufacturing Center of the World!

Unions... sure, they probably had and effect, and there are/were things the union could have done to help the companies. But the bottom line is, the big three did NOT make cars that people wanted to buy.

When I purchased my foreign cars, I soon got a survey questionnaire to fill out. The questions were mostly how did I like the car, what would I change, what wasn't on the car that I wish did come on it! 2 or 3 years later, everything I said I didn't like was gone, and the things I said I wished were included were. The "Other" car companies simply ask their buyers "What do you want" and then listened to those buyers. When I purchased my American Cars, I got a questionnaire asking if I liked my dealership - period!"

The US companies took the approach.. "How can we build the cars CHEAP and sell it for the maximum amount of money!" They did not ask the consumer what we wanted, but rather figured we would just buy what they made. The process of building the cars cheaply caused them to be very expensive to maintain (IE: $212 to change your front blinker bulb on an SRX!) -- and also caused them to not last much past 75k miles. (yes, there are always some lucky loto winners who get 200k!). They would look at the competition and then half/ass facilitate some of the "Must have" functions (Auto Day/Night mirror Interior and Drivers Side. but NOT the Passenger side!) They would try to manipulate the consumer by leaving out Blue Tooth so you would then purchase their overpriced OnStar Hands Free Calling Minutes!

The US Companies have known for 30 years they were losing market share - and consistently and constantly they were a day late and a dollar short... They allowed the competition to out design, out market, out price, and out support them. It is a case of Capitalism at it's finest!

The very people who invented the process to mass produce automobiles ALLOWED the competition to become better at it then they were!

Hey, you might have even thought they could have learned a lesson from a little company called American Motors!

But - - they didn't, and they still won't.

I say in another 10 years there will not be a GM - unless the GM Executive team happens to all be on the same corporate jet when geese fly into the engines... then, and only then, does GM have a chance - provided there is no river near by at the time!

06-10-09, 04:11 PM
It didn't take much for me to say "yes!" to the request of a beeyootiful Texicana, "Will you go car shopping with me?" How could I say no, for it was her SRX which prompted my delving into the SRX world in the first place.

Quite surprised was I.. The magazine guys must be a size medium, calling the Accord, Camry and Malibu "roomy". I compare the 3 because they felt like clones, small doorway autos which, if one were to close their eyes (not while driving) would feel the intrinsic blandness in seat materials, engine noise, along with the tepid performance. Same same small entry/exit squeeze for the STS and CTS. The bench DTS wallowed around, while the bucket DTS did Mr. Cadillac good. "Mom! He's comparing oranges and cumquats again!"

Let me finish. It would only take a step into the Avalon, followed by rides in the Infiniti and Lexus large cars to make me thinks, "Me thinks if'n GM were to make Chevys like Avalons and Cadillacs like lexuseses, well.." I fergits my point, but you catch the obvious drift.

Ah yes.. the seņorita's choice of auto? A leather clad Avalon. But Why, But Why? She actually wanted a CTS, the Cad dealer only offered twelve five for her 07 SRX with 37k. Not that anyone else made a larger bid. But after feeling the suction from the re-sale value of her Cat she said, "Cadillac, no mas!"
Can't say as I disagree with her logic.. GM, you listening? I guess they can't hear over the roar of the Lear...

06-13-09, 08:24 PM
Bankruptcy was the only solution to the UAW stranglehold on labor costs and work rules. Too bad GW lost his nerve and bailed them out - Now the socialists will be running the company with endless subsidies and tax credits to coerce people to buy their politically correct cars...:mad2:

06-13-09, 10:25 PM
Texas being a right to work state and the new GM honcho hailing from San Antone, mebbe a future move of some of the plants to South Texas is in the plan A's n B's fer GM.. There is plenty of space next to the Tundra assembly line, plus, the cold weather amounts to maybe some hail storms. Some winter mornings start off at a freezing 35 degrees. Big But the clouds part by high noon and the freeze turns into a chilly 75. Maybe a summer month here will rationalize putting a/c in both front and rear seats of all GM products!

06-14-09, 09:09 PM
Obviously many books and MBA theses will be written on this topic, but as a 40 yr employee, I would say we weren't led by bad people but we were badly led.