: $500 Deville- hey, it runs...

07-16-04, 12:38 AM
Short version-
My daily beater car (1989 Chevy Cavalier) bit the dust, guy at work had a 1986 Caddy for $500- Mississippi car, NO RUST, I bought it on the spot-
Engine leaks oil, runs on maybe 7 cylinders, interior is ragged out, but the body is basically sound and IT RUNS.
This will be my daily driver until salt season, before snow flies I hope to have a fwd minivan as a commuter car, the Caddy will become my "project car."
Right off I need to check the safety equipment (brakes, lights, etc) and fix the oil leak-
I'll need a driver's seat soon, will other GM seats fit or is this a Cadillac-only item? I'd even consider a "racing" type seat if it can bolt in, are there any suggestions?
Car pics are at

07-16-04, 03:48 PM
Not sure about the seats.. since its a project car though, why not rig something up, anything. $500 bucks is pretty decent it seems. lol, daaamn that thing has some huge ass windows! see you later <-- get it.

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Welcome Beaugrand!

Thanks for joining the forum! Sounds like you have a good project car! Looks to be in pretty good shape. Good luck!

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To be honest with you, I would suggest that you try and find a nicer condition car if you intend on making it perfect or nicer..... Im not trying to be an arse-hole but if you find a nice one you could easily make this car a parts car... I mean hell $500 for a parts car is golden!!!!

07-17-04, 08:01 PM
Hey I noticed you were in indianapolis..... Maybe we could meet sometime!

07-18-04, 02:23 AM
I bought the Caddy to get to work- no matter what I spend on the Chevy it replaces, it's still going to be a $100 car; on the other hand, I think the Deville is worth spending a little money on. (Not complaining about the Chevy, bought it for $175 in 2001, I think I got my money's worth...)
If you live in Indiana, you must understand the rust problem- this car is from Mississippi, and has no rust to speak of- so the body is the only part of the car that I think is worth "donating" to a project. Any 18-20 year-old car I find around here is going to have terminal body rust cancer, but may have servicable seats and other interior parts, maybe even a good engine and trans.
I've attempted rust repair in the past with other cars, and I would much rather start a project with a rustfree body, even if it means replacing the engine and trans.
I've priced new seats, I may be able to find something for around $150 that would suit my needs. Brakes and lights seem to be fine, the power windows need work (Owner-installed stereo is the source of a number of wiring problems- lots of unidentified red 12 ga wire strung about the engine bay...)
Are the 4.5 and 4.9 engines interchangeable with the 4.1? I've asked around and it seems it might actually be cheaper to replace the engine with a used one than rebuilding the one in the car.
Finally, the reason I buy $500 cars and fix them up is because I'm too much of a tightwad to pay the interest on a car loan (banks don't seem to want to finance anything under $8000 anyway). While mortgage rates have crept up to approaching 7%, consumer loans and credit card rates over 12% are still usurious.
BTW my last "project car" was a 1976 Lincoln Town Car- green/green/green, 460 V8, bought for $500, replaced engine and reupholstered, sold it after 2 years for a little more than what I spent on it, so my total expense of ownership was gas, oil, and insurance. As I mentioned, I'm a tightwad.

07-18-04, 12:42 PM
Actually my Q45 has been in indiana all its life and theres not a spec of rust anywhere..... :)

07-19-04, 05:21 PM
500 bucks for that ? you got a great deal !esp in indiana

I hear the chevy celebrity population is finnaly dwindleing due to the rust

07-20-04, 05:15 PM
Ive been seeing more and more of the rusted chevy "euros" and the old Buick century's...